Golden Visa for Spain

Golden Visa for Spain

The best  way to obtain the residence in Spain: Golden Visa for Spain


Golden Visa for Spain. The best way to access to the residence in Spain


Hello, my name is Antonio Villena I am the director of a Spanish professional team specialized in residency in Spain and at the end of this video you could find my professional references of more than 33 years of business activity. 

We are going to talk about what Golden visa Residence is; what advantages it has; how it is processed and try to give you some additional information about it. 

What is Golden Visa for Spain?




What is Golden Visa for Spain


Commonly called residence Golden visa for Spain, it is really a residence visa for investment, this residence visa for investment was born in the year 2013 under the Entrepreneurs Act, September 2013/14.

In addition, you can also invest by bank deposit or investment fund with a minimum of one million euros (1.000.000. euros) or by creating a company as long as this company will create jobs, technological company creations or company creations that can activate the economy in a determined area. 

Golden Visa for Spain residence or residence visa for investment is granted for various types of investments: these types of investments can be of various modes:

First, for investing in Treasury bill with a minimum investment of 2.000.000€



bank deposit or investment fund with a minimum for Golden Visa for Spain


In addition, by bank deposit or investment fund with a minimum of one million euros (1.000.000. euros) or by creating a company as long as this company will create jobs, technological company creations or company creations that can activate the economy in a determined area. 

And of course, for the purchase of real estate worth more than 500,000 €, without fees or mortgage.  

This last option, residence through the Golden Visa system in Spain, is the most used.

Why within the residences for investment, is usually the most used procedure the purchase of real estate?



the most used procedure the purchase of real estate


The reasons are very simple: First, because Spain is a stable economy, an economy that is constantly growing and any real estate that is purchased is revalued. 

Second, if you want to buy one or more real estate to be able to rent it, then the profitability is also high because there is a strong demand for long-term rentals as well as for vacation periods. It should be borne in mind that Spain is one of the countries in the world and in Europe, that receives the most of the tourists, so buying a home for rent is a very profitable option. 

Also, of course, because the purchase of a home is one of the Golden Visa for Spain residence options, it is the one that requires the least investment. Keeping in mind that the rest of the investments that follow as we saw before requires one million euros and above. For all these reasons, it is the most attractive by far with respect to the other type of investment that one must have to access the Golden Visa for Spain  residence, or better said what investment residence visas are.


What are the advantages over another kind of residence?




What are the advantages of having a Golden Visa for Spain over another kind of residence


There are several, the first one is that there is a 20 day approval commitment from the department that processes and approves, which is a very specific ministerial department called the Large Business Unit LGU. This is a real commitment, which means that from the moment the request is made, they have to respond within 20 days, otherwise it is considered approved. 

If the process has been completed correctly, you will receive an approval response in approximately 16 days. 

The cases whave processed they have been accepted and approved in about 16 days. 



the documentation can be delivered electronically from the office


The deadline is important, but it is even more important that documents can be submitted electronically from a professional’s office with a recognized digital signature. 

This is a huge advantage since everything is presented photocopied, scanned and it is a great advantage since from the country of origin they can send the documentation to our office by email and from here we present it electronically with our digital certificate. 



all the communications are done by email and by phone


Then, all the resolutions, all the communications are done by email and by phone, which is a great advantage. 

For this, we must also say that the applicant must have a valid visa to EU, to be able to opt for this procedure to apply via Internet platform for Golden Visa for Spain, if this is not the case, it can also be submitted from the Spanish consulate of the country of residence.

Which is somewhat more cumbersome due to the deadlines, because the consulate has to send to the UGE, the UGE communicates to the consulate, then the consulate communicates to the applicant, even so it is a relatively short procedure, since the consulates have an order to expedite the process, for Golden Visa fro Spain residence, but it is always much more cumbersome.



Another advantage that the Golden Visa for Spain residence


Another advantage that the Golden Visa for Spain residence it has with respect to other kind of residence is that it can be held, not only by the applicant, but also by all the members of his family, including children who are of legal age.

This doesnexist in any another kind of residence. Well, as long as the children are of legal age, they have to be dependent on the father, and not be married, that is, they dont have their own family. 

It is also extensible to the investor’s parents even to the in-laws, as long as they also depend economically on the investor. 

Another enormous advantage of the Golden Visa for Spain is that you do not have to reside in Spain. In principle, the first residence is for two years and the second residence is for five years and it must be taken into account that depending on the circumstances, and if the person actually lives in Spain, five years after having residency, it becomes permanent. And it no longer depends on the length of stay or any economic issue, it is like a Spanish ID and of course later the nationality. 

Another great advantage of the Golden Visa Spain is that you can reside in Spain or anywhere in Europe or the world, always renewing when you maintain a minimum value of 500,000 € in real estate. 

always renewing when you keep a minimum value of € 500.000 in real estate

It can be renewed as long as it is selling, keep an equal value in real estate, that is, you can sell it, get rid of it, but whenever you are going to renew, have the same value in real estate. 

They can be second hand houses, € 500.000 should be at least free of mortgage you can also buy many houses and the mortgage can have it from above the  € 500.000. 

All these are undoubted advantages that the Golden visa  for Spain residence has over other types of residences. 

Another advantage that Golden Visa for Spain has is that it allows you if you want to create your own business or if you want to work or if you want to simply reside without working all the options are valid once you obtain Golden Visa for Spain.  

How is the process of a Golden Visa for Spain?


As we have already explained, for Golden Visa for Spain it can be accessed through different investments, as the vast majority of the Golden visa residence are for home purchases, we will focus on the procedure of how to access through the purchase of real estate. 



How is the process of a Golden Visa for Spain


First, it must be said that if you invest as a natural person, there are several issues to take into account. If it’s a second-hand house, homes that already have previous mortgages or have previous loans or a seizure from a bank, you can also buy a house that is seized by a bank, it is very important that at the time of the sales and purchase, not only the seller should say at that time that the loans are eliminated. It has to be issued a very specific certificate stating that all the loans on the properties or real estate have been paid. This should be made very clear in the act of buying and selling for accessing the Golden Visa for Spain residence. 

It should also be borne in mind that to present, the property does not have a mortgage, it has no charge or that the mortgage and the charge it has are less than the amount required, that is, it can have a mortgage above € 500.000, This is demonstrated to the “UGE”, with a very specific certificate from the property registry. This is a certificate called charges and domain. 



the Ministry of Finance has to ask for a very specific report


Also keep in mind that when you don’t buy as a natural person, but as a company, a company that can be a Spanish company or foreign company from any country, the Ministry of Finance has to ask for a very specific report stating that the person who is going to apply for the Golden Visa for Spain through an entity, which has 50% of the company as owner, not only that but also has the power to make unilateral decisions through the company, that is, who is a partner, who it is the majority shareholder and it can also make decisions unilaterally. 

This must be done prior to the request to be presented for the Golden visa residence, once the property is purchased. 




We have been referred a case file that the administration itself had recommended an applicant for the Golden visa residence


These are just details, as there are several other aspects that must be considered in this type of process. If you are inexperienced in this type of procedure, you risk not following the procedure and not obtaining residency. 

We have been referred a case file that the administration itself had recommended an applicant for the Golden visa residence, who had not met the requirements that the administration had notified him. There were technical problems in the application, once he had made purchases and investment, so that he and his wife and children were about to reach the maximum deadlines that the administration had given him, and consequently deny the entire application for residence due to technical problems. When really the most important thing it was the investment had been done correctly. It was recommended to us and we were able to sort a few days before the last deadline to solve the problem. 



we have successfully processed all the cases in all these years since the opening of the law in September 2013


From this office, we have successfully processed all the cases in all these years since the opening of the law in September 2013, the Golden visa for Spain  residences for all Arab countries: Algeria, Morocco, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, and Irak etc. 

Simply for the knowledge of the operation of the Spanish administration, for experience in the way it works the process. 

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