Guarantee the Renewal of your Residence

Guarantee the Renewal of your Residence 

Today we are going to discuss a very important issue which is the renewal of the residence.  Is very important! , why? 

Because, if we do not give it importance, we can lose the residence after doing a great effort and spent time and financial means to obtain it. 

And we lose it for a bit absurd reasons, especially because the residence renewal is something very simple, extremely simple. 

If we are renewing a non-profit residence, then we simply need a bank amount and if we are renewing a residence on our own account, we must be up to date with social security and have a minimum financial means (IPREM). 

If we have a family, THE IPREM increases a little more. If we have an investor card or Golden Visa, so we should keep the assets we have, then the renewal is very simple because it does not need much documentation. 

But the renewal has a very specific issue in quotation marks, which is the period of residence in Spain, so due to this issue, many people lose their residence when they go to renew. 

That is why? That is because our regulations generally require that you have a minimum period of stay in Spain each year.

This minimum period of stay in Spain is a logic and normal because is assumed that because the any person requests a residence to reside and not to live in another country 

When you go to renew your residence, you must show your passport with its copies and its stamps, to know and to be clear, how long time you have been or have not been residing inside the country. 

But nevertheless preventing it in advance, one can take advantage of the different exceptions that we have, so we can prevent the possibility of losing the residence. 

We are going to explain some of these exceptions in briefly, for example the first residence that is normally supposed to be understood to be six months per year in Spain. 

That is not correct. 

Why do I say that it is not correct that you do not have to spend six months a year in Spain?

Because the regulations allow me to renew two months before my residence expires and if I have the residence for the first period, which is one year at ten months, I can renew. 

And what the regulations say is; “That I cannot be more than six months out of Spain” does not say that: “I have to be in Spain for six months”, it means that if I can renew two months before expiration, we are already talking that I can renew after ten months. 

Of those ten months, we are going to take six months that I cannot be outside of Spain, so we only have four months of mandatory stay in Spain. 

I no longer have to spend half the time in Spain, I can spend a third of the time in Spain.  

In the same line, if I have a company, those times are not stipulated; another issue that these periods of stay in Spain are not counted is that during my period of residence I have been in France or in another European country. 

These times are also not counted if I have bought real estate from a certain amount, I do not even have to reside in Spain. 

There are a variety of exceptions, so by preventing in advance that we are not going to meet the periods that are generally required of us, which are six months per year, we can renew without any problem and with enough time in advance. 

We also take care that our clients and friends not only getting the residence, but that they keeping it, at least until it becomes a permanent residence after five years. 

Remember that normally the first residence is for one year and then two years. 

Later it renews for two years, and then it renews to be a permanent residence in Spain. 

What does permanent residence mean?

Well, it is a residence that is never going to be lost, and that does not depend on my financial means or my length of stay. 

It is a residence that even if it expires outside of Spain I go to the Spanish consulate and request a visa for fingerprinting, I have the right to be granted, even if I have been living the last five years outside of Spain. 

It is never lost. But in these first five years I have to be aware of the length of stay and to apply the different exceptions that the law allows me and always doing it in advance. 

None of our clients and friends has a problem when it comes to renew 

We are not only pending that they obtain the residence but of course that they do not lose it or that later they can regroup their children, their wife or even their parents and their parent’s in-laws if necessary. 

Spain is one of the countries with the most flexible regulations in the entire EU. You just have to know the regulations, the law and the exceptions 

I hope this little talk has served you and you already know that it is not only important to obtain residency, but to maintain it for at least the first five years. 

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