Residence for business creation

Residence for business creation

  • What is this type of residence?
  • Who can request it?
  • Requirements and business plan
  • Other documentation to bring
  • How, where is the application submitted and what approval deadlines does it entail?
  • Characteristics of this residence in Spain and its renovation.
  • Regulations of the Government of Spain

Hello, my name Antonio Villena I am the director of a Spanish professional team specialized in residence in Spain, with an experience of more than 33 years. 

What is this kind of residence? 

This kind of residence in Spain is a residence that is granted to those who are going to create a business activity in Spain. 

Who can apply for it? 

You can request it or it is ideal to request it by those entrepreneurs who have business experience and that those entrepreneurs want to move the business experience to Spain.

It is very common to expand into new markets, locate new customers, suppliers, etc. This type of residence in Spain is also ideal for those people who have training or work experience in a specific subject and want to transfer that experience or training to Spain. 

Requirementsbusiness plan 

The main requirement to create this business activity in Spain is to create a very detailed business plan, detailing what is going to be done, what type of clients we are going to have, what type of suppliers, including a minimum financial and economic forecast to three years. 

It is highly recommended also in this business plan, to include the support of some possible clients or suppliers. 

They are very simple supports, that simply says that when they will grant the residence in Spain to us, they will collaborate with us. 

This business plan must be approved by some of the organizations that are approved for it in Spain, such as UPTA, UATAE, ATAE, etc. 

We, from the office we take care of the entire process and of course the creation of the business plan with the data and characteristics of the client and the approval of the aforementioned business plan. 

This approval is made effective by a certificate that is issued, viability certificate. 

Other documentation to provide 

The other documentation that must be provided, is a documentation common to the other types of residence in Spain, such as: 

  • Medical certificate of not having infectious-contagious diseases with respect to the international regulations of 2005. 
  • Police record where you have been residing in the last five years. 
  • A medical insurance that covers any medical assistance in Spain. 

Also as it is common to the rest of the residences in Spain, a bank certificate with the economic capacity of the person even the last six months of banking movements.

And also for this type of residence in particular, it is also necessary to provide a working life, studies, curriculum, everything that demonstrates the experience you have in this type of business activity that is going to start in Spain. 

How and where is the application submitted and what approval deadlines does it entail? 

The presentation of this residence in Spain, if it is a normal project that will not create much employment, or that is not innovative, technological, etc. It is presented at the Spanish consulate where the applicant resides.

If it is a larger project, with more economic investment or a project of interest for job creation or innovation, then the unit of large companies is presented at the UGE. 

The approval deadlines, if it is the UGE, in a maximum of 20 days it is approved and if it does not respond in 20 days it is considered approved and in the case of smaller projects that are presented at the applicant’s consulate of residence, in this case the approval terms are a bit long, they are the longest of the residence in Spain, why? Because he shows up at the consulate, the consulate sends him to Madrid, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this to the immigration office of the province where he is going to carry out his business, once he studies it, he sends him to Madrid and Madrid to consulate. 

It depends on the volume of work of the immigration office, but at least a couple of months or three. It is the longest process than the rest of the residence in Spain. 

This Residence in Spain is extensible to the family, wife and minor children.

You can apply from the beginning if you have sufficient financial capacity to support the family, you can apply for residence for the whole family, for the wife and minor or older children with dependency. 

If this is not the case, the business project can be approved and, after the first year, the residence, like the rest of the residence, may request the reunification of the rest of the family. 

Characteristics of this residence in Spain and its renovation 

The residence is granted as the rest of the residence in principle for one year, then for two, then for two and from that moment it becomes a permanent residence. 

It should be borne in mind that at least the first three years, business activity must be maintained for the first one year, the second two years, and the subsequent renewal thereafter for the other residence, financial means are not requested, so the Business activity must be maintained for at least the first three years of residence in Spain. 

From this office we take care of the entire process, the entire process of this business plan application and of course like the rest of the clients, the various renovations, family reunification, etc. 

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Regulations of the Government of Spain: