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Residence permit for Establish a business in Spain and Europe

Residence permit for Establish a business in Spain and Europe

The Residence permit for Establish a business in Spain and Europe are given to those who want to establish a business or company within the EU and who have adequate financial and technical capacity and training enough to get held the business that is going to perform.

We are a specialized team getting residence to Spain and consequently to Europe with more than 20 years of experience, even some members of the team have experience in the Spanish Government.

We are dedicated specifically to the request and to the achievement of the residence without work permit, as through creation of a company.

In this case, we will talking about permission of residence through creation of a company.

This permission is for those foreigners who are not of the European union and which you want to create a business or make an investment in Spain.

It is necessary to have a professional experience either a university-level qualification, and which also has sufficient economic resources to create the business plan and live he and his family during the period of residence.

The first period is one year, then two, then two, and then forever. This type of permit previously always requires the realization of the business plan which specifies what type of business and all the steps of the business and the creation of the company.

This business plan has to explain all activity including suppliers, customers, sales in 3 years.  You are valued for their approval that is going to create some job in Spain.

There are 5 organisms that can approve the project previously to the presentation, when one approves the project, the rest of the documentation is “bureaucratic” such as birth, criminal record, health certificate, etc.

The business plan and feasibility certificate is normally delivered in the country of origin. We always accompany the customer the day of presentation to defend the project, for any additional processing required by the Embassy or Consulate and to clarify any questions you may have by the Spanish official. This aspect consider it essential.

Residence card for Establish a business in Spain and Europe

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Residence permit for Establish a business in Spain and Europe