هل أستطيع الحصول على الإقامة؟ طلب موعد تواصل

Residence permit for Live in Spain and Europe

Residence permit for Establish a business in Spain and Europe

Let’s try a short way what is the non-profit  residence card or Residence permit for Live in Spain and Europe. The nonprofit stay is granted to persons or family unit to live and come and go whenever you want in Spain or any country ofthe EU without having to work.

Avoiding the inconvenience of waiting times and restrictions on visa applications, acquiring as the same time different rights inside the Union Europe.

The main requirement is that the individual or household does not need work in Spain their means are in the country of origin or because they already have enough financial resources to live without working.

Besides should not have a criminal record or police in their country of origin and no record of removal in the EU. It is a card that is given first for a year, following two years, until after five years becomes permanent.

Fundamental Requirements of the necessary documentation for the Residence card for Live in Spain and Europe:

• Criminal record’s Certificates

• In the case of apply the permit for all the members of a family

• Marriage Certificate

• Birth Certificate of each son

• Family Register • Photocopy of all passport’s sheet

• Annual Own Income Certificate These Certificates are emitted by companies or organism which has pay Any kind of sum into an account of the person who wants to apply the Permit residence.

For Example: In case of been working for a company, certificate of the company of which you are paid annually.

  • In the event be collecting a pension, certified of what charge annually.
  • If you have an own company statements to the treasury that do.
  • Bank’s Certificate of the money or values that he has in the bank.

For just one person the requirement is to have an annual income or deposit bank higher to 30.000 € and for each member more of the family 7.200 € more.

Also it is important to know if previously the person had a visa for any country of Schenger territory, and if it is the case if it is still in effect.

It is important for us to know if the person has been anytime in Spain, and if he has Spanish NIE, Spanish regular account or if he is register in Spain.

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