Secure your future by studying in Spain

A minimum of six months of higher education in Spain will allow you to reside and work anywhere in Europe.

Spain and Europe open the possibility of receiving specialized labor due to the lack of birth rates and the aging of their population.

Most higher education is conducted in English and Spanish.

Accédez aux cours suivants pour obtenir un visa étudiant en Espagne:

lesson 2 english
lesson 3 english
lesson 4 english
lesson 5 english
lesson 5 english

If you want to process the Student Visa with us, the cost will be € 450. It will consist of a first payment at the beginning of the procedures of € 225. A second and last payment once the documentation of € 225 has been submitted. Reduction of fees from € 2500 to only € 450, offer until September 25. You have the payment link right after the form.

    Reduction of fees from € 2500 to only € 450, offer until September 25.

    You can make the first payment and start the procedures by clicking on the following Paypal link.

    o All study offers, from all official centers in Spain.
    o Contact with study centers.
    o Preparation of documentation at source.
    o Fill in Forms and Fees
    o Possibility of processing it online from Spain (mandatory to have a Schengen visa)
    o Where appropriate, appointment with the consulate
    Training center registration and fees are not included.

    If you want to have a telephone appointment to solve any of your doubts, you can arrange it through the following link, the cost will be € 50 and you can select the date and time you want.