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Student visa spain

Student visa spain

What is the Student visa spain ?

The authorization to stay for a study or Student visa spain  is a permit granted to people from non-EU countries and, through which, they can be trained in the workplace and university in Spain.

They can access the Student visa spain  both minors and adults, and for a full cycle, that is, from the beginning of studies or once started in the country of origin to finish them in Spain. Also to expand knowledge through masters or postgraduates.

Advantages of the Student visa spain

The main advantage is that once you have completed your studies in Spain, since you are a European country in the Schengen area, you can practice as a professional in any country in the world.

Another very important advantage is that once the studies have been completed -at least three years- you can agree to modify the student permit for another type of residence permit in Spain and the Schengen area.

Once the Residence Permit for Studying in Spain has been modified by a normal residence permit, 50% of the time the residency has lasted as a student serves as the seniority of the residence time for the purposes of permanent residence and nationality.

You can combine the studies with a part-time workday, of no more than 20 hours per week (even minors from 16 years old), as long as it does not affect the studies.

Minors or disabled persons who obtain the Student visa spain  may be accompanied by some of their parents or guardians, obtaining these also a residence that will always be conditioned to the minor student or disabled.

Student visa spain

Requirements to obtain the Student visa spain

– In case of adults having no criminal record.

– Homologation of the studies taken in the country of origin. Usually completed or validated cycles are homologated, exceptions also exist depending on the country of origin and bilateral agreements.

– Medical insurance that covers the period of stay of the studies

– Economic capacity for the stay. (Eg: for a year a total of € 6,396)

– Enrollment accepted and paid completely

– Medical certificate of not suffering from contagious diseases according to the international regulations of the year 2005.

– The duration of the studies must be longer than three months.

  In the case of minors, the express consent of the two parents or guardians.

– Application form for a national visa, in official form, in duplicate, duly completed and signed by the foreigner or his legal representative in case of being a minor.

– Full and valid passport or travel title, recognized as valid in Spain, with minimum validity of the period for which the stay is requested.

Other types of residence:

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Regulations to obtain the Student visa spain

  • Council Directive 2004/114 / EC, of ​​December 13, 2004, on the admission requirements of third-country nationals for the purposes of studies, exchange of students, unpaid internships or volunteer services.
  • Organic Law 4/2000 of January 11 on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their social integration (articles 25 bis, f, 30 and 33)
  • Regulation of the Organic Law 4/2000, approved by Royal Decree 557/2011, of April 20 (articles from 37 to 42).

Procedure to obtain the Student visa spain

  • Subject legitimated to submit the application for Student visa spain : the student, personally. If you are a minor, your parents, guardians or duly accredited representative, personally.
  • Place of presentation: Diplomatic mission or Spanish consular office in whose demarcation the foreigner resides.
  • Fee for the issuance of a visa: which must be paid at the time of requesting the visa.
  • Term of resolution and issuance of the visa: the maximum term to notify the resolution is one month counted from the day following the date of presentation of the application in the competent consular office for processing. After this period has elapsed without the Administration having given an express reply, it may be understood that the request has been dismissed due to administrative silence.
  • The visa granted must be collected within two months of notification. If the collection is not made within the aforementioned period, it will be understood that the interested party has renounced the granted visa and the procedure will be archived.
  • The duration of the stay that is granted will be equal to the duration of the studies that will be carried out, with a maximum limit of one year.
  • In the event that the study stay lasts more than six months, the foreigner must personally apply for the foreigner’s identity card within one month of entering Spain, at the Immigration Office or Police Station from the province where the authorization has been processed. To see where to go, the schedule and if you have to make an appointment, you can consulthttp: //
  • The applicant will show his / her passport or travel title at the time of the footprint process and will provide:

o Foreigner card application, in official form (EX-17) available at

o Proof of payment of the card fee ..

o A recent color photograph, on a white background, card size.

  • The holder of the Student visa spain may be accompanied by their relatives, and may also be authorized to perform

lucrative activities for hire or self-employment, provided that the activity is compatible with the completion of the studies, and the income obtained does not have the character of necessary resource for their sustenance or stay.

FAMILY MEMBERS of the holder of the Student visa spain

  • The spouse, domestic partner, children under the age of eighteen or who have a disability and are not objectively able to provide for their own needs due to their health status, can obtain authorization to enter and remain legally in Spain with the student during the duration of their studies.
  • Subject legitimated to present the visa application: the student’s family member personally.
  • Place of presentation: Diplomatic mission or Spanish consular office in whose demarcation resides the relative of the foreign student.
  • Time to apply for the family member’s visa: it can be requested simultaneously with the student’s study visa, or at any later time within the validity period of the authorization to stay for studies.
  • For granting it, proof must be given that the foreigner has enough financial means to support the family unit, the family or kinship bond and, in the case of children over eighteen years of age, documentation proving that they are not objectively capable.
  • The authorization of the relatives will be linked to that of the student, and they will be able to remain in Spanish territory for the same period and in the same situation as this one.
  • If the stay of the family members is longer than six months, they must obtain a foreigner’s identity card.
  • Family members of students can not obtain, in any case, authorization to perform lucrative activities.

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