Residence permit for study in Spain 6-months

Residence permit for study in Spain 6-months

You can obtain your own Residence for a 6-month study in Spain.

Residence permit in Spain for a minimum 6-month study in Spain.

Hello, my name is Antonio Villena. I am the president of, a Spanish professional team specialized in residency in Spain.

The decree of September 4, 2018 expanded the possibilities for students from outside the European Union to obtain a Student residence in Spain and at the same time also be able to modify this student residence to a residence for work as an employee or self-employed person or for a year of residence in Spain to look for a job or even to start your own business activity.  

This decree expanded, as we are saying, the possibilities of Student residence in Spain and at the same time also facilitated the process. 

 In the sense that it can be done from Spain telematically through the Internet with a professional who has a certificate registered in the foreigner office. 

How to do the procedure and who can Study in Spain?

Which greatly facilitates the process to obtain Study in Spain residencie.. 

How to do the procedure and who can Study in Spain

First, because all the documentation is sent simply scanned from the professional’s office, it is done through a platform that is the” Sara” network or the “Mercury” platform through which the official receives the fully ordered documentation directly for Student Residence in Spain. 

It means, the penal certificates, medical certificate, etc. each one of that ordered documentation, is received directly by the department that is going to study it within the Immigration Office of the province that has been selected for the studies. This of course is much faster than if it is done through the consulate. 

If you go through the Consulate, then first they give an appointment (in the telematic system there is no appointment), then the Consulate receives the documentation, checks it, scans it when it can, and sends it when it can to Madrid to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends it to the province to the Oficina de Extranjería of the corresponding province and the Oficina Extranjería of the corresponding province in turn sends it to the corresponding department, which gathers the documentation, sorts it, classifies it and checks it before granting the visa to study in Spain.

requirement since the foreign office communicates to the Ministry of Affairs

Of course, the procedures are much longer and even more so when something is missing or there is any requirement. 

Requirements required for Study in Spain

To apply for a student visa in Spain, the essential condition is that the future student is in possession of a Schengen visa valid for at least 30 days. 

Other types of requirements that are necessary to obtain a Student residence in Spain is that it can later be modified by a residence on its own is that the studies that are carried out are at least 6 months and these 6 months are full-time.  

It is also an essential requirement that this minimum study of six months full-time should be studies that are qualified as higher studies, because the university studies that can be taught by a public or private university, a business center, non-university studies, study for professional training of a higher degree as study of Fine Arts, in Dramatic Arts or sports but always at a higher level.  

essential requirement is that the admission is approved and paid and that this admission has been carried out in a center

Another essential requirement is that the admission is approved and paid and that this admission has been carried out in a center that is recognized by the Spanish government and that after the studies the student obtains a degree or a certificate this is also a must. 

other requirements, which are also common to Study in Spain

The other requirements, which are also common to other types to study in Spain are: 

Medical insurance that covers any medical incident during the time they give you Student residence in Spain, although if the studies are less than one year, they usually give it for one year, so it is convenient to take out insurance for one year. 

Others requirements

Second: medical certificate of not having contagious diseases according to the international Sanitary regulations of the year 2005.
  • You have to have sufficient financial means, in this case Spain stipulates the financial means at € 538 / month which is the IPREM this multiplied by the months of studies, it is convenient that it be for one year, that is to say € 538 x 12 months because even if the studies are lower, they usually give Student residence in Spain for one year for study in Spain.
  • It must be taken into account with respect to the economic capacity that if the students do not have this economic capacity, as is most of the cases, and this economic capacity comes from the parents or other relatives, then the links with these must be demonstrated. If he is your father, so with the birth certificate, if he is your uncle the same and, in this case, also should must be a notarized commitment in which the parents or the relative is responsible for all the economic situation during the stay and any financial need the student have during the stay of Student residence in Spain.  
  • Also, if you are of legal age you must present the No criminal record of your country of residence.

Upon completion of studies, modification in less than twenty days for one year of residence to search for a job or create business activity

In principle, these requirements, which are basic to any Student residence for study in Spain, must also be presented.   

basic to any Student residence for study in Spain

Once you have obtained a student visa for Spain and have completed your studies with satisfactory results, you can apply for a one-year residency in Spain to look for a job.  During this year of job search, you can either get a work contract with the company or create your own company.  

There is also another type of change that can be made when one completes the Student residency in Spain and it is an internship with some company that have a partnership with the center where he / she has been studying. 

We have said that they give us a one-year residence permit to search for a job, that it is requested two months before the end of the Student residence in Spain  for study or it can be requested up to three months later and the Spanish Administration has 20 days to answer the approval or refusal, if they don’t answer within these 20 days it is automatically approved.  

Normally if the studies have been passed with a normal average mark, this type of residence for one year of job search is obtained without any problem. 

When you get a contract for internship, the residence is automatically modified by residence to search a job, you do not have to wait for the end of the year, at the time you want to you can modify your own residence.  

All these types of changes, modifications that took place on September 4, 2018, to allow foreign students residence in Spain to continue their studies here and then obtain a business residence, have greatly facilitated the access of non-EU students to Spanish education, which as you all know it is an education of high quality, an education that is recognized all around the world and the power to then have a future and place if you have a European residence.  

The first residence is one year; the second residence is 2 years; the third for two years

The first residence is one year; the second residence is 2 years; the third for two years, then renewal ready in a permanent residence that is forever, not subject to any type of condition, and it is a right that the person acquires and will never lose.  

Well, all these advantages that are acquired with Student residence for sudy in Spain with minimum studies of six months, because we believe that it is very interesting to access the residence in Spain and consequently access all the advantages that they have been offered. 

In principle, the paperwork for obtaining Student residence for study in Spain is a bit cumbersome, so don’t risk getting it wrong and try to make the process as quick and efficient as possible. We advise you to always contact a professional who has experience and can advise and assist you.   

contact to study in spain

Moreover, I hope that this talk was good for you and if you want to contact us it could be through email or WhatsApp and you can also like us on Facebook on YouTube or fill out our newsletter to receive latest news from us. 



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