The advantage of Spanish sworn translators

Our interests, that you being up to date with all the regulations and with everything that may be used to request or maintain residence in Spain in any aspect related to them, in this case the advantage of Spanish sworn translators.

We want to comment on a topic that may be interesting in certain circumstances, which is Spanish sworn translators, doing a translation through a Spanish sworn translator.

There is a recent regulation in which sworn translators can sign a document electronically; this means that, with the digital certificate, the document is a sworn translation always accompanied by the original document and a photocopy.

The original document that the sworn translator usually signs, this translation instead of physically signing it, now signs it with a code which the Spanish administration recognizes as valid and that is valid of course because is recognized by the Spanish administration in any Spanish consulate.

This means that the document is no longer physically travels anywhere, a photocopy is sent to the sworn translator and the sworn translator makes the translation and takes the photocopy and signs and stamps it, makes a sworn translation of that copy that he has received by e-mail or via WhatsApp and signs it with a code with a special little program where the Spanish state, specifically of the national mint and stamp, is valid and sends that documents again via e-mail or whatsapp.

And is valid before the consulate and the Spanish embassy in anywhere in the world, can be at any given time.

The advantage of Spanish sworn translators

It is interesting for certain countries where it is very difficult to find the best sworn translator or it also has a great advantage because this sworn translation does not have to be legalized or authenticated, it means that we can avoid the internal stamps of the country where we stay, that internal stamps of our country of that administration in foreign ministries or justice ministries and also having it authenticated in the consulate and Spanish embassies , means I have the document already with the stamps of my country of origin with all the stamps then send it to a sworn translator he makes the sworn translation for me and sends to me the same copy with the sworn translation signed and stamped, which is already serves me directly to present it or process it in the Spanish consulate.

Translation of a sworn translator recognized in my country or my country of residence has to put the appropriate stamps and later take it to the Spanish consulate with what may take an appointment it may take me a while, also can be an interesting procedure for all types of residence; national visa, or for a regrouping of family or for a nationality etc.

Well, the idea with all these little talks and with these little ones, is to keep you up to date.

The sworn translators in all languages, every year the ministry of foreign affairs updates and publishes a list of their sworn translators. That you have here in this same video as you can download the most current ones of the last year:

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The advantage of Spanish sworn translators