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Non lucrative visa spain

Non lucrative visa spain

What is the non lucrative visa spain ?

The non lucrative visa spain area is granted to individuals or family units to be able to reside in Spain or any country in the Schengen area, without the need to work.

It is an authorization requested by non-Community persons, and is requested at Spanish embassies or consulates in the country of origin of where the person resides. We traveled to the country of origin of the client to present the documentation along with it. This is very important, because most of the time it is usually exchanged criteria with the officials of the Spanish embassies and consulates.

It is requested in the place of residence, regardless of the nationality of the person, including most of the documentation is usually from the countrys residence of the person.

Benefits of the non lucrative visa spain ?

The biggest advantage is that you avoid paying taxes and other expenses that entails residence for own account. Another advantage is that from the initial moment the residence can be granted for the whole family

 Renovations in this type of residence are extremely simple, only having enough money in the bank account

In the absence of a visa, the waiting times and restrictions of the visa applications are avoided, acquiring also different rights within Spain and the countries of the Schengen zone.

Once the first residence is renewed, the person can regroup the immediate family (spouse, children and parents)

With sufficient seniority,

 Children born in Spain, have access to Spanish nationality, one year after birth

It is worth noting that Spain has an excellent climate, very good infrastructure in roads, transport, health, services, shops , excellent variety of gastronomy, enormous cultural variety, etc.

Non lucrative visa spain

Requirements of the non lucrative visa spain ?

The main requirement for obtaining a non-profit residence for Spain and Schengen area is that the person or family unit does not need to work in Spain because they have enough economic means to not have to work.

Economic means to obtain the non lucrative visa spain

Annual certificates of economic income:

These certificates are issued by companies or organizations that make some type of income to the person who is going to apply for a residence permit. Example: If you are receiving a pension, certified of the state of what it charges annually. In case of having, a company own the declarations to hacienda that they do. In the event of rent collection, contract of the same and tax declarations, etc … • Bank certificates of the money that has in the bank or of any value that they have in the bank

Currently, for a single person it has to have an annual income or bank deposits in excess of € 30,000 and for each member of the family € 7,200. It is a permit that is granted first for one year, the next two for two years, until after the five years becomes permanent.

Part of the documentation necessary to obtain the non-profit residence for Spain and the Schengen- zone.

Certificates of police background

Do not suffer from any of the infectious diseases according to the international regulations of the year 2005

Have health insurance – In case of obtaining the permits for all the members of the family: • Literal certificate of marriage

Literal certificate of birth of each child

Family book

Photocopy of all passport sheets In the administration’s assessment of the approval or non-approval of the permit application, there are many other factors, such as:

If you have previously obtained a Schengen visa, the age of the person, if you have previously traveled to Spain, if you have NIE, if you have bought a house, if you have a bank account, etc …
Other types of residence:

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Normative and necessary requirements to obtain the Non lucrative visa spain

Foreigners Regulation that develops the Aliens Law 2/2009, of December 11, of the L.O. 4/2000, dated January 11, on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their social integration.

One of the cases of temporary residence included in the Alien Regulations is the non-profit temporary residence of Article 46.

For the granting of an initial authorization for temporary residence without carrying out work or professional activities, as well as the corresponding visa, the foreign applicant must meet the following requirements:

Not to be found irregularly in Spanish territory. In the case of an applicant who is of legal age, he / she has no criminal record in Spain and in the previous countries where he / she has resided during the last five years, for offenses provided for in Spanish law.

Not to appear as objectionable in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement in this sense.

To have sufficient economic means to cover their living and living expenses, including, if applicable, those of their family, during the period of time for which they wish to reside in Spain, and without the need to carry out any work or professional activity, in accordance with provided in this section.

Have public insurance or private health insurance arranged with an insurance company authorized to operate in Spain.

Not to be, as the case may be, within the period of commitment of non-return to Spain that the foreigner has assumed upon returning voluntarily to his country of origin.

Not suffering from any of the diseases that may have serious public health implications in accordance with the provisions of the International Health Regulations of 2005

Have paid the fee for processing procedures.Article 47.

Economic means to be accredited to obtain a temporary residence permit.

Foreigners wishing to reside in Spain without working or gainful employment must have sufficient financial means for the period of residence they apply for, or accredit a source of periodic income collection for themselves and, if applicable, their family, in the following amounts, which are established as minimum and referring to the moment of application for the visa or renewal of the authorization:

For their maintenance, during their residence in Spain, an amount representing in euros 400% of the IPREM or its legal equivalent in foreign currency.

For the maintenance of each family member under their care, during their residence in Spain, an amount representing in euros 100% of the IPREM, or their legal equivalent in foreign currency, amount to be credited in addition to that referred to in (a) above. In both cases, the total amount of economic means shall be the provision of the monthly amount calculated based on the provisions of the previous section, in relation to the duration of the authorization requested.

The availability of sufficient economic means will be accredited by means of the presentation of the documentation that allows verifying the perception of periodic and sufficient income or the possession of a patrimony that guarantees that perception of income.

The availability can be credited by any means of proof admitted in Right, including the contribution of property titles, certified checks or credit cards, which must be accompanied by a bank certification that credits the amount available as credit of the said card. If the economic means come from shares or stakes in Spanish companies, mixed or foreigners residing in Spain, the interested party will accredit, through certification of the same, that it does not engage in any work activity in said companies, and will present a sworn declaration in that sense. Residence permit for Spain and zone Schengen.

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