Advantages of residency compared to the Schengen visa.

Advantages of residency in Spain compared to the Schengen visa..

Advantages of residency over the closure of borders in the Schengen area. 

Obtaining residency in Spain has great advantages over the Schengen visa and one of the most important is the free movement within the European Union in the face of the closure of borders which, as we already know, has disrupted the mobility of citizens around the world.    

The pandemic that we are currently experiencing has meant that many citizens who intended to travel to another country, in this case Spain, have not been able to do so, because all the states in the Schengen area decided to close their borders and only citizens belonging to the European Union and residents of a European Union country could travel. 

Advantages of residence for travel in the EU  

Other advantages of residence in Spain are the ease of mobility in the 26 countries of the Schengen area, as a European national, and the renewal is much simpler and is done every two years.    

After five years, this type of residence becomes a permanent or long-term residence, which is never lost.  

Advantages of residency Rights obtained with the residence   

Like the Schengen visa, the acquisition of a Spanish residence requires certain documents and certainly similar costs.    

Another great advantage of residency in Spain is the rights that are acquired over time for residents, including the children of residents of age or minors, such as the right to permanent residence and the right to Spanish nationality. 


Advantages of residency compared to the Schengen visa

Other types of residence in Spain  

  • Gold Visa Residence Permit   
  • Residence permit for studies.   
  • Community residence.   
  • Residence permit for work.   

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