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Residence permit for Spain and the Schengen area

Residence permit for Spain and the Schengen area

Residence Permit. org is formed by Spanish professionals with many years of experience, specialized in obtaining the Residence Permit for Spain and the Schengen area.

Once the permit is obtained, we take care of all the needs of the client and his family, in particular that all the requirements are met so that they can renew.

At the head of the team is Antonio Villena, a professional with 54 years who since the age of 24 has worked as an official in the central administration of the state, in various positions and functions, currently on leave.

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Antonio Villena – CEO

Official of the central administration of the state since 1987, having developed his work in different positions and agencies.


Founder and President in 1998 of the largest business association of professionals and companies engaged in contracting with different public administrations, (A.C.O.P Association of Contractors with Public Organizations)

He has published articles in the three most important economic newspapers in the country (Expansión, Cinco Días and El Economista) among many other national, regional and local media. (more information)


He has given several conferences in different entities. (more information)


He has created together with the university, a subject to be taught in the studies of Lawyer and Economist. (more information)

It has reached different agreements for national projects, with public and private entities, coordinating and leading some of these (more information)

All this, gives him more than enough experience so that those files that he selects, are processed with a success, until now of 100%.

We have clients in all parts of the world and for each file, we go to the client’s country to present the necessary documents to the Spanish consulate, this is extremely important because we have to exchange criteria with officials, defend the file and then follow up on it.

So far, we have traveled to Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Turkey, Egypt, all records have been approved.

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Obtain the Residence Permit for Spain and the Schengen area, thus avoiding the waiting times and restrictions of Visa applications and benefiting you and your family from the advantages of having residence in a country in the Schengen area.

The Residence Permit for Spain and the Schengen area can be requested; to live without work, to create business or to study, there are several ways to obtain it.

Our greatest achievement is the satisfaction of our clients and not only that they obtain the Residence Permit for Spain and the Schengen area, but also can renew them, until they become permanent residence permits for them and for the whole family and over the years they obtain Spanish nationality.

The files that we process of Residence Permit for Spain and Schengen area, have a success rate of close to 100%, we do not process any file if we have not previously studied the possibility that the client has to obtain it and how to do it.

It should be noted that Spain is one of the countries that receives the most tourism, due to the excellent climate, the infrastructure in roads, transport, health, services, shops, excellent variety of gastronomy, huge variety of culture, etc.

Spain is the most flexible country regarding residence, unlike other countries, Spain allows to regroup the relatives (spouse, children, parents) to modify the type of residence, access to Spanish nationality, etc …

Through our specialized professional services, you can get the Residence Permit for Spain and the Schengen area:

Residence permit without work. It does not require the purchase of housing and includes the wife and minor children or disabled adults Allows you and your family to reside in Spain and the Schengen area without working.
Residence Permit establishing company or business in Spain and zone Schengen.The company and employer can work anywhere in the Schengen area with free movement of goods and services.
Residence permit through the purchase of real estate for more than € 500,000 visa gold. It has enormous advantages: it can include the children of age, it does not have to reside in Spain, the resolution is in 15 days, etc …
As students, to be able to train professionally or to expand their studies
Enrollment in bilingual schools in English or French. Once you have completed your studies you can practice anywhere in the world and access the residence permit in Spain.
Through international protection (political asylum)
This type of residence, from the first moment allows work and is expandable to the whole family
Other types of residence permit for Spain and the Schengen area.
Highly qualified professionals, Mobility among staff of multinationals, major investors, artists, teaching staff hired by Spanish universities, etc …

More information, Government of Spain: link