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Antonio Villlena

My name is Antonio Villena, I am specialized in immigration procedures.

I preside over a cohesive team of professional experts with whom I have been working for many years and through whom we can advise and assist you in any language.

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I was born in 1963, and I have been an official of the central administration of the Spanish state since 1987, I am currently on leave.

My more than 33 years of work activity, has always been linked to the Spanish administration and foreign matters.

Having led projects and actions at the national level with wide repercussions, among others:

I have published several articles and collaborated with the three most important economic newspapers in the country. +

I has given conferences in different entities. I have created in collaboration with the university a subject to be taught in the studies of lawyers and economists. +

I have carried out important national projects with public and private entities, coordinating and leading them, always related to the issue of residence in Spain. +

I have participated in legislative initiatives of the national parliament, I have done it as president of an important national entity +

We have presented residence records in Spain, in all Spanish consulates, in all Arab countries, always accompanying the client in the interview at the consulate.

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All the files that we process are approved.


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Why contract with us?

Because all the files that we process are approved and since before their approval we are already preventing their future renovations, it is useless to obtain residence but we foresee their renewals at least until they become permanent. You can see some customer testimonials on our website. Why are all files approved? Why:  :

  • First for the experience and knowledge of the operation of the Spanish administration

Both for having belonged as an official to its administration, as well as having collaborated with it in important national projects of relevance, mainly in the foreigners and immigration sector.

All this in more than 33 years of professional activity, whose detailed and contrasted references are on our website.

  • Second because we do not accept any client 

Before we have to have at least a telephone conversation to see the real possibilities of being able to access the residence and what type of residence, and in the vast majority of occasions propose some changes in their personal or economic situation to ensure one hundred percent that meets the requirements, if this is not the case we do not take the file.

  • Third and not least because we present the documentation together with the client at the Spanish Consulate 

The day the client has to present the documentation at the Spanish consulate, we accompany the clients, to ensure that the documentation is correctly received by the official and at the same time defend and answer any question that the consulate wishes, in that way the file passes the first filter. We also advise the client before the interviews that the consulate conducts.

We have presented in all the Spanish consulates in the Arab world, knowing all the details of the procedures of all the consulates.

  • Fourth, because once we present the file, we do an exhaustive follow-up

Once the file has been presented, we follow it up exhaustively within the Spanish administration itself, which goes from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Spanish immigration office where they will reside and which, depending on the type of residence, decides their approval.