All residence permits and visas are extended

All residence permits and visas are extended

Since May 18, by ministerial order and due to the state of alarm, all the visas of people who are in Spain are extended for 90 days from the end of the state of alarm, and all residences are also extended from the term from the alarm state for up to six more months.

What does this mean? This means that all the people who are in the country and who have had to stay during the alarm state, when the alarm period has 90 more days to use the visa but to use it within the national territory, not outside.

We also have people who are outside of Spain or even those who are in Spain and who have expired their residence permit by sea regardless of the residence permit they have during the state of alarm or three months before the state of alarm because it can renew up to three months later. That is, if it has expired during the alarm state or three months before the six months of validity since the end of the alarm state.

In principle, the alarm state may end on June 4, but it may also be extended.

What does this mean? This means that once the term of the alarm state can return to Spain perfectly with the expired grandson and the valid passport, you will not need any other type of documentation.

We are talking that you have to enter Spanish territory directly, just like visas, the extension is only to be in Spanish territory, not for the rest of the countries in the Schegen area.

Another novelty that the ministerial order of May 18 brings is that the periods of stay during alarm periods are suspended, which means that the computation that is made for the renewal of the time that must be in Spain is suspended is not going to compute at all the time a person in a state was during the alarm state when computing the times for renewal.

They are important aspects right now that must be taken into account and considerations.

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