Backlogs of processing visas due to the reopening of Schengen Visa application

Backlogs of processing visas due to the reopening of Schengen Visa application.

Due to the lifting of the restrictions on applying for schengen visas, consulates are currently overloaded with work.

Although schengen visas in most countries are collected and processed through the company BLS, the current regulations state that the processing must be issued by the consulates, i.e. BLS only helps to collect and order the documentation but does not process the applications.

This implies that they are not going to give appointments until they finish with the files in process and that the processing timescale is going to be slow.

Our constitution establishes that the public administrations have to process the files in a queue, that is to say, under no circumstances can they resolve a file that is presented after another one, the same with the processings.

The current regulations establish a maximum processing time of three months, but on this occasion the majority of cases may take a longer time.

We will keep an eye on each of the files, but these are circumstances that cannot be controlled. We do appreciate your patience and please be sure that we will follow up each file individually.

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