Can my children and wife live in Spain without me?

Indeed, it is possible, can my children and wife live in Spain without me. For the family, husband or wife and children to live in Spain without the head of the family living with them, this residency can be applied for and granted.

In this post we bring you information about a procedure that might interest some of you:

It is about obtaining a residence visa for members of the family (spouse and children), even if the head of the family is not in Spain. This procedure is possible as long as some basic requirements are respected:

  • Authorization by the head of the family
  • Economic means at the disposal of the spouse
  • The children must be under age

In the following video you will find a detailed explanation about these types of cases and the answers to the most frequently asked questions for this procedure.

During the last few years our team have handled several cases of this type, in the video below we also talk about these cases.

In fact, we have recently had an approval in this sense in Algeria, specifically at the consulate in Algiers. The head of the family worked in an international company based in Algeria in an important position and his wife and children are going to live in Spain with the approved residency.

In order to obtain this, the authorisation of the head of the family is always necessary, as well as the existence of financial means at the disposal of the wife, provided of course that the children are minors. As we have mentioned above with this recent case in Algeria, through the consulate in Algiers.

Can my children and wife live in Spain without me?

We have used this procedure previously with another client in Saudi Arabia, and with a Syrian family, where the husband did not want his family, wife and children to be able to return to Syria for him at some point due to the current war and that they could reside here in Spain.

This is a great advantage when the head of the family at some point wants to come to Spain, because their situation in their country of origin has changed and they are no longer working as employees, are not in charge of a company nor can they carry out this work from here in Spain.

Because it is already a right that he acquired, that is to say the moment that the wife and children have their residency in Spain, after one year they have the right for the family to live together, so it is also a big step in this sense.

I hope I have answered all of your questions on this subject.

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