Advantages of certified translators in Spain

Certified translators in Spain and their functions.

In this post, we’re going to talk about something that can be interesting when carrying out many procedures:

Sworn translators in Spanish.

There is a recent regulation that allows sworn translators to electronically sign the procedures carried out through a digital certificate, which saves us a lot of paperwork and above all, saves us a lot of time!

In countries where it is difficult to find a sworn translator, this can be a great help and facilitate the procedures.

It can also be useful when applying for family reunification or a national visa, among other things.

The list of sworn translators in all languages is published by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is updated every year.

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What is a certified translator? 

A certified Spanish translator is a translator accredited by the Spanish authorities and administration to give legal validity to the translation of the content of a document into another language.   

Functions of certified translators.  

A Spanish certified translator is authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to certify the translation of any document into another language, by means of his or her signature and seal, which authenticate the content of the translation. 

New regulation for certified translators in Spain.

There is a new regulation according to which certified translators can electronically sign a translated document.   

This means that with the digital certificate, the document becomes a certified translation, which must always be accompanied by a copy of the original document.   

The original document that the Spanish certified translator usually signs has the digital signature, which is the one that the Spanish administration recognizes as valid in any Spanish consulate.   

What does this mean?   

It means that the document does not travel anywhere and a copy is sent to the certified translator, who then signs the copy of the original document and the Spanish translation that he makes of it.   

He makes a certified translation of the copy he received by e-mail or WhatsApp.    

He signs the document with a code that generates a special program in which the Spanish State, specifically the National Factory of Currency and Stamp, validates it and its translation, which are sent to the client by e-mail or WhatsApp and which are valid before the Consulate, the Spanish Embassy and anywhere in the world.    


The new regulation can be very interesting for some countries where it is more complicated to find a certified translator.   

Another important advantage is that the certified translation does not need to be legalized, authenticated or have the Hague Apostille.   

This means that in the case of certified translations, we are not obliged to affix the seal of the country of which we are nationals or residents.   

These stamps usually come from administrative entities such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Justice.   

This also saves us from having to authenticate them at the Spanish consulate or embassy, which means that if I have the original document without translation, with the stamps of my country of origin, with all the stamps, and I send it to the Spanish certified translator, once he or she has sent me the same copy with signature and stamp, the certified translation can be used directly to transmit or process it at the Spanish consulate.   

On the other hand, a translation done by a recognized translator in my country or in my country of residence, I have to stamp or apostille it appropriately and then take it to the Spanish consulate, which saves me time in terms of paperwork.   

This can be an interesting procedure for a stay with a national visa, for a reunion, for nationality, etc. 

The advantage of certified translators in Spain

List of Spanish certified translators.

The list of certified translators in all languages is updated every year by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   

Here is the link to this year’s updated list:   

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