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Hello, my name is Antonio Villena and as many of you already know me, I preside over a team of Spanish professionals specialized in residency for Spain. 

We are going to tell you that for a few weeks, all Spanish consulates, in particular the largest consulates, such as Casablanca and Algiers, have been approving all national visas for residence, both for profit and non-profit, for students, etc. 

The reason is very simple, right now there are no Schengen visas and those consulates that were taking so long to make an appointment, even that there was no appointment or that took months, such as the consulates that we have been discussing in Casablanca and Algiers, are currently giving the dating very, very quickly, in a matter of a week or two weeks. 

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At the same time, they are also passing quickly and are being very flexible with all resolutions of approval. 

They have more time, there is much less work in the consulates and consequently also due to the pandemic, there is a lot of flexibility, at least for the moment. 

In addition, I remind you that the only way, right now to be able to travel, is with a D visa, a national visa for residence, with which you can travel to any part of Europe, practically without any restriction except the updated PCR. 

This update we want to bring to your knowledge and we are in contact. 

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