Family can get residence permit if you work

Family can get residence permit if you work

Family can get residence permit if you work

Hi, I’m Antonio, director of the team of Spanish professionals specialized in Residence cards.

On this occasion we are going to talk about the possibility that the families of those people who are employed by others, outside the countries of the Schengen area, can obtain residency in Spain and the advantages that this entails, among others, that later he can obtain it.

In principle, a person who is working for a third party for a company is not granted residence in Spain, for an obvious reason and that is that the income comes from a job performance in a country where they reside and if they were granted the residence in Spain these economic benefits would disappear.

However, there is the possibility that with the economic means generated by the work  and the savings you may have, you can, with your express consent, support your family in Spain.

In an example of a family composed of three members, couple and a child, the minimum amounts that must be had are, with respect to the monthly income 3,300 € / month and a saving of 33,000 €, preferably in a Spanish bank; for each additional member of the family must add € 538 / month of monthly income and € 6600 in the bank deposit.

The advantages are not only for his wife and children, but also for himself since it facilitates the granting of visas and, what is more important, one year after his family obtains residence and at the time that changes work circumstances, acquires the right to regroup, that is, can obtain residence.

Family can get residence permit if you work

Highlight the advantages of residing in Spain:

– Training and education for children, which, in addition to being internationally recognized in any country, are free,

– Public health, which enjoys great international recognition and is free.

– Living in the best climate in Europe,

– Residing in a country that has a large infrastructure in roads and services. (Spain is one of the countries in the world that receives more tourists.

– Investing (buying a home or property) in a stable economy.

– We have some of the most flexible laws and more rights offered in immigration rights.

– The friendly  nature of Spanish, etc.

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