You will get a NIE without being in Spain

Can I get a NIE being outside of Spain and never having been in the country? 

The NIE is the identification document for foreigners and can be obtained without having ever been to Spain. 

We answer an important question for foreign citizens who want to obtain the NIE but have never been in Spain: is it possible to obtain it? 

Yes, it is possible to obtain a NIE (Identity Number for Foreigners) from outside Spain and without ever having entered the country. The Spanish legislation allows it in some specific cases, such as opening a bank account, buying a house or a car in Spain, or starting a professional activity.

1. What is the NIE? 

The NIE is an identification number for foreigners, which is given by means of a certificate, not to be confused with the TIE, which is the identity card for foreigners. 

It is an identification composed of a number and letters that are assigned to you and that you will keep for life. It is also mandatory for those who are going to start a business activity in Spain or who want to apply for a business visa or a visa for commercial activity.

2. What is the NIE for? 

For us, as advisors in immigration procedures, the NIE is useful for the subsequent follow-up of a residence visa application. 

It is also useful for the official in charge of studying the file, because having an NIE proves the existence of a link with Spain and that is favorable to you. 

You will get a NIE without being in spain

3. How can I obtain a NIE without ever having been to Spain? 

One way to obtain an NIE without ever having been to Spain is to give a power of attorney to the professional or person who will represent you at the police station to obtain the NIE. 

This power of attorney must be authenticated either by the Spanish Consulate of the country of residence or by the Hague Apostille, as in the case of Morocco.  

This power of attorney must be translated by a sworn Spanish translator or a sworn translator of the country. The sworn translation must also be accompanied by the apostille, with the authentication of the Spanish Consulate and always justifying the reason why it is granted. 

4. We advise you 

We hope that with this post we have been able to clear up your doubts. We are at your disposal if you have any other questions about the NIE and its granting.  

Don’t forget that from this office we can advise you or handle any procedure to obtain the NIE.

From this office we can advise you, or process the documentation when you need an NIE.

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