You will get a NIE without being in Spain

Is it possible to obtain an NIE outside Spain, even if I have never been to Spain? The answer to this question is yes, you can do it, you will get a NIE without being in Spain, you always have to justify a reason, such as opening a bank account, buying a house, a vehicle or starting a professional activity.

It can be done in the following way, you have to give a power of attorney to the professional or the person who will represent you at the police station to obtain the NIE; this power of attorney has to be either authenticated by the Spanish consulate of the country of residence or with the apostille of the Hague, in those countries such as Morocco for example, which have the Hague Convention.

This power of attorney has to be translated by a Spanish sworn translator or a sworn translator of the country and this sworn translation also has to come with the apostille, with the authentication of the Spanish consulate and always giving a reason why it has to be granted.

You will get a NIE without being in spain

The NIE is a foreigner’s identification number, which is given by means of a certificate, not to be confused with the TIE, the identification card. These are assigned numbers, numbers that you will always have for life and it is also compulsory for those who are going to start a business activity in Spain or are going to apply for a business visa or a visa for business activity.

For us, as advisors in immigration procedures, they are useful for us to subsequently follow up on a residency visa application. Also, for the official who is going to study the file, the fact of having a NIE is also a point in favour of having a link with Spain.

From this office we can advise you, or process the documentation when you need an NIE.

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You will get a NIE without being in Spain