How to obtain a visa for Spain and Europe

How to obtain a visa for Spain and Europe.

Hello my name is Antonio Villena and I am the president of a team of Spanish professionals specialised in obtaining a residency for Spain.

In the current situation and due to the closing of borders Schengen visas do not exist, the borders of Europe are closed. Other types of visas, such as business visas are also closed. However, although it may seem incongruous, it is easier and quicker than ever to obtain a residence visa for Spain.

Non-profit residency which is without work, business residency or study residency.

The consulates currently have no workload and are granting these visas much more quickly and, due to the current situation, they are relaxing all the requirements that were previously in place. Therefore, it is much easier to apply for and process, as it is the only way to obtain a residence visa rather than any other type of authorisation or visa.

How to obtain a visa for Spain and Europe

Regarding visas for residence in Spain, the best known or the most frequently requested are:

Non-profit residence, which is a non-profit visa.

A Visa for business or lucrative residence or for work.

A Visa for studying.

A Golden visa for the purchase of real estate worth more than half a million euros.

There are other types of residence visas, such as for marriage to a Spanish or EU citizen, also for having a Spanish child, etc.

From this office we will advise you and take care of the process and we will remain attentive to resolve any queries you may have.

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How to obtain a visa for Spain and Europe