Liberal professional, Can I apply for non-profit residency?

Can a liberal professional apply for a non-profit residence in Spain?

The process for a liberal professional to obtain nonprofit residency in Spain is long.

In this post we develop an exceptional topic that may be of great use in the future: the possibility of obtaining non-profit residency in Spain by being a liberal professional. 

This option is possible, however, as we mentioned above, it is a procedure that is not common, therefore, the procedure is not as simple as it can be for other procedures.  

It is advisable to seek professional advice if you wish to initiate a procedure of this type. 

In the video below, Antonio Villena clearly explains how to proceed in these cases and the possibilities that exist to complete the procedure. 

Spanish regulations are ambiguous in this case. The Spanish Supreme Court has issued several rulings, stating that a professional can perfectly today, with the existing technological means, work in Spain and complete the six months of mandatory residence, even if he is a professional registered in his country of origin. 


Antonio Villena explains that it is possible that the consulate will refuse to grant residency. In this case, residency must be obtained through a judicial procedure. Carried out by the Central Court of Contentious Affairs of Madrid, which is competent for this type of case and is quite quick to resolve them.  

How the process works 

A free client interested in obtaining a non-profit residence in Spain can come to our office. Antonio Villena and our team of professionals will take the case to trial, being 100% efficient.

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