Obtaining of the Schengen Visa to live in Spain and Europe

Obtaining of the Schengen Visa to live in Spain and Europe.

In Residence-permit .org are prepared to Obtaining of the Schengen Visa to live in Spain and Europe and other European countries (Schengen area) for less than three months period. We will explain the documentation and how to obtain this short-term visa.

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What is the Schengen Visa ?

A short-stay visa (also called ” Schengen visa ” ) enables to stay or transit through the territory of Spain and in the rest of the Schengen States whose length does not exceed three months (90 days).

This is the visa must apply, eg for tourism, business, attending seminars or visiting relatives, whose duration is less than three months.

This visa is valid for the following countries , which make up the so-called Schengen area : Spain , Germany, Denmark , Poland, France , Portugal , Finland, Hungary, Italy , Austria , Sweden, Slovak Republic , Belgium, Greece , Estonia , Slovenia, Netherlands, Luxembourg , Latvia , Czech Republic , Lithuania and Malta. Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are members of the Schengen area but are not members of the European Union.

Obtaining of the Schengen Visa to live in Spain and Europe

How to obtain Schengen Visa? Necessary documentation.

The Schengen Visa is requested by completing and signing the standard application form. Do not forget that is only admissible in the official model Spanish or English that contains the characteristics of the Embassy of Spain specifications. Any other model, including print valid for other Member States, will not be admitted.

In case of multiple applicants traveling in a group, each applicant complete and sign form separately.

At the time of application is important taking of a photograph of the applicant and the ten fingerprints. Photography and fingerprints are basic elements of the application, so it can not admissible if the file don’t have attached to application.

With the printed photograph and you must present your passport or travel document , which , in case of single entry , you must have a term exceeding three months validity on the date scheduled departure of the Schengen area .

You must also submit a number of documents to prove that you meets the conditions of entry and does not pose risks of illegal immigration or the safety or public health, according to the purpose of the trip.

In summary:

• Valid passport ( with a validity exceeding three months after the date of completion of travel) .

• Copy of itinerary with confirmation of booking accommodation , if you go to a Hotel.

• The airfare roundtrip bookings.

• Prove financial support through: bank statements, income certificate and an invitation letter and sponsorship declaration Host country belonging to the Schengen agreement ( for those traveling on the occasion of visiting family or friends).

• For business , the presentation of a letter from the company indicating purpose of travel and length of stay.

• For minors traveling alone or accompanied by an adult , they should ask the relevant embassy or consulate in the country of destination with regard to specific requirements.

• Travel insurance , for a period equal to the duration of the trip and that Schengen area meets the following requirements :

Medical care for illness : minimum coverage of 30,000 euros ,

Medical Assistance accident : minimum coverage of 30,000 euros,

Repatriation coverage minimum of 30,000 euros, expense reimbursements may not be returnable, travel insurance cannot have a deductible and the insurance company must have a representative or branch in Europe.

Where the application be submitted?

• at least 15 calendar days before the planned trip

• within 3 months prior to the intended date of travel .

Where the Schengen Visa documentation be submitted?

To apply for the Schengen Visa , travelers should contact the nearest consulate or his home country’s embassy that the primary aim of the trip, or which remain longer.

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