Only for our clients and friends

Hello, this is a statement only for those clients who have already approved the visa for Spain for residence, visa D. 

Today on May 14, in occasion of Ramadan holidays, the main thing is to congratulate everyone for Ramadan feast. 

We make this statement so as not to have to be explaining individually, because there are many approvals that have taken place before Ramadan and during Ramadan and before the closing of the borders of Morocco as well. 

Through a single statement, we want to explain several important issues, mainly for those clients from Algeria and Morocco. 

First of all, you have to tell us the date you plan to come to Spain because you have to request the appointment for fingerprints and the appointment for fingerprints must be done in advance. 

Secondly, also for clients and our friends from Morocco, this appointment for footprints you will need most of the time in order for the Moroccan authorities to grant an exit permit. 

Exit permit, which for both Morocco and Algeria, for the rest of countries is not necessary to enter the countries of the Schengen zone, since you can enter any country with the D visa, national visa for residence in Spain, through any airport in any country in Europe, as long as the PCR tests for Covid, you have it done with a maximum of 72 hours before your travel. 

Also inform you that we are at your disposal for anything you need, if you want flights or tickets to be taken from Spain for facilities or you need schooling for minors, etc … 

schengen visa

Also very important, very important before taking fingerprints there is an obligation to be registered. Whether you have homes or if they have rented you a home or we have helped with the rental of the home, it is mandatory that you are registered. 

We can do it in advance, in most provinces with a copy of your passport, in other provinces, with the original passport. It is important that we stay in touch. 

You can get in touch with the person on the team who has been keeping the file or with anyone on the team; there are times when we are a bit saturated or busy. 

Any of the six people who are currently part of the team can assist you, they are all in direct contact with me and we have to organize fingerprints, even in some cases until the beginning of the renewals or the reunification of the family, the schooling of children etc. 

We are at your disposal and take into account all these aspects that we have been talking about and another important aspect is the insurance, the medical insurance you have to keep it during the entire period of validity of the residence, at least while it is temporary, be careful, At no time, cancel it, except for those who come on their own, due to the creation of business activity, they can cancel it at the time they make the imprint and are already registered in social security, the rest you have to keep it . 

For any question, we are at your disposal .

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