Opening a bank account with passport

Opening a bank account with passport

Is it posible to open a bank account in Spain without being in Spain?

Hello, my name is Antonio Villena and I am the president of a professional team of Spaniards specialised in residency in Spain.

There are many occasions when we are asked about the possibility of opening a bank account in Spain, and also a bank account without being in Spain.

Yes it is possible to open a bank account in Spain by empowering a professional to do so and these accounts can be fully operational.

Opening a bank account with passport

What is necessary?

The fundamental thing is that the financial means of the person, the client of the person opening the bank account are well founded, that is to say, to know where the funds originating from, and this is very closely monitored by the law on money laundering in Europe.

But if you can prove where the money comes from and that the money comes from a lawful source, you can give power of attorney to a person to represent you in a Spanish bank, this person must always be a national, resident or EU citizen and thereafter you can operate with complete peace of mind.

I hope this has been useful.

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