What papers do I require to obtain my residency?

This is a very common question from many people and we have been asked this question for many years: What papers do I require to obtain my residency?

It is like going to the doctor and saying, doctor, give me a pill to cure me and the doctor says, tell me what you have, what is wrong with you, explain it to me.

Or like going to a lawyer and saying, give me a solution for my case and the lawyer replies, what is your case?

It is exactly the same, it is not a mathematical procedure, it depends on the documentation that has to be presented, the circumstances of the person, the circumstances of the family and many more details that have to be studied.

When a civil servant sees a file, he or she does not just analyse one and one is two. For example we analyse many subjective issues that have to be assessed. Every persons circumstances are different.

What papers do I require to obtain my residency?

What we also do in this office is modify within the law, the economic circumstances of the person or the family, before submitting the documentation.

When our client presents the documentation, they present it with a 100% chance or probability that it will be approved and we do not leave any gaps or loopholes open where it can be denied.

Therefore, the question of “what papers do I have to present?” is a question, I am sorry to say to those people who do not have a clear knowledge of the world, or the administrative part of the procedures, that this question is absurd.

In this office, of course, we advise on all aspects of the documentation that needs to be modified or profile that needs to be added, as well as that which does not need to be presented, so there is a one hundred percent chance that the documentation will be approved.

From this office we are here to help you with whatever you may need.

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What papers do I require to obtain my residency?