Real case of a residence permit for vocational education and training in Spain

In Spain, it is possible to obtain a residence permit as a vocational education and training (VET) student. 

Antonio Villena speaks with Ilias, a client and trainee member of the firm’s staff, after applying for a residence permit as a vocational student. 

1. Real case  

Ilias is originally from Morocco. Last year, our team of professionals, led by Antonio Villena, helped him apply for a student permit. He obtained this permit, not as a university student, but for professional training. 

Ilias obtained his bachelor’s degree in Morocco, and with the beginning of the homologation of his degree, he was able to study in Spain. 

2. Study permit for professional education and training in Spain  

Ilias himself says he contacted our office through a phone call. “I did an internet search, found Mr. Antonio’s office, called him, made an appointment to apply for a student visa and he told me what documents I needed. After checking my papers, he told me that everything was fine,” he says in the interview with Antonio. 

Once the permit was granted, he obtained his student residency and began his training at a private center. He is currently doing an internship in our office, where he helps other students who, like him, want to study in Spain. 

Real case of a residence permit for vocational education and training in Spain

3. Application for a study permit in Spain  

There are special collaboration agreements between Spain and Morocco. For this reason, Antonio Villena recommends that you apply from Spain, otherwise you would have to apply from Rabat. 

4. Is it easy to study in Spain?  

Ilias emphasizes how welcome he felt studying in Spain. But he did not gain it without effort, because he himself underlines that “studying in Spain is not easy at all, you have to dedicate a lot of time to your studies”. 

Although this is a case of a client from Morocco, the case can be extrapolated to Algeria, for example. 

The procedure there is very similar to that in Spain. A high school diploma is sufficient. Knowledge of Spanish at this level for academic or professional training is not necessary to enroll, but it is important to start practicing when you apply for a visa for study purposes. 

5. Don’t hesitate, come and study in Spain!  

Antonio and our client and friend Ilias, encourage you to come and study in Spain. Our director emphasizes that people can build a “future with studies that can be useful, not only at the European level, but in the whole world”. 

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