هل أستطيع الحصول على الإقامة؟ طلب موعد تواصل

Residence permit visited Qatar to contact with customers in this country

Residence Permit visited Qatar to contact with customers in this country

Residence Permit visited Qatar to contact with customers in this country

Antonio Villena and Ashok, which are part of the team of Spanish professional specialists with many years of experience in immigration procedures, specialized in obtaining the residence permit in the territory shenger and Spain (you can find in arrived in Qatar last February 14 to submit a record of residence in Spain, a businessman and his family, at the Spanish Embassy in Doha and in addition, we could contact some customers who are currently residing in this country.

The visit was a success, with 5 interviews, (and visit a customer who soon will present its application for residence in Doha), in which we could advance and collect all the information necessary to continue with the process.

This is the best way, through the interview, we collect the information from the client, we can see the different options and we inform you in detail.

In the days before conducted various advertising campaigns in social networks on Facebook / through which we could select some of the requests received to do the interviews.

This will make it on every trip we make, so if you are interested you can get to know us.

On this occasion, we know the following cases which we are going to comment without logically give details of customers for reasons of professional secrecy:

  • Pintor of origin Syrian, recognized internationally, residing in Qatar and doesnt want to return to their country of origin, their desire is to work and reside in Marbella, Spain.


  • Politician who wants to get the Spanish residence permit as a refugee for he and his family, currently is part of the opposition of dictatorial regime.


  • Businessman working in international television channels and that he wants to live in Spain.


  • Entrepreneur of a family well known in Doha who wished to see the choice of residence.


  • Person living in Doha, wished for by the non-profit residence in Spain.


  • Client with which we had already signed a contract in Spain and that we are creating a very interesting business project and that soon we will also present at the Spanish Embassy in Doha.


In all these new records we are already currently working to achieve the objective and success.

We will soon return to visit Qatar to submit another application for residence, and make new interviews. If you are interested please contact.

Every week we are going to talk about each record more extended, so you can see exactly how we work and if your case is similar to any of them.

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Residence Permit visited Qatar to contact with customers in this country