Spanish nationality

Spanish nationality

In Residence Card .Org are prepared for Spanish nationality for persons who have resided in Spain. We will explain the documentation and how to obtain citizenship.

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What is the Spanish nationality by residence?

It is the way of acquisition of nationality through residence of the person in Spain for ten years of legal, continuous and immediately prior to the application form. There are cases in which the period of residence required is reduced, these are :

1. Five years to the granting of Spanish nationality to those who have obtained refugee status.

Two . Two years for nationals of Latin American countries , Andorra , Philippines, Equatorial Guinea , Portugal or Sephardic people .

Three . One year to :

One. He that is born in Spanish territory.

Two . The not properly exercised its right to acquire the Spanish nationality by option.

Three . Which has been subject to guardianship legally ( under the supervision of a guardian ) , guardian or foster care ( foster care that allows the reduction of legal residence one year is one in which there is decision of the public entity in each territory have entrusted child protection and foster care who are legally recognized ) of a Spanish citizen or institution for two consecutive years, even if I will continue this situation at the time of application.

Four . Which , at the time of the application , take a year married a Spanish or Spanish and is not legally separated or fact.

Five . The widow or widower of Spanish or Spanish , if at the time of death of the spouse were not separated in fact or judicially .

Six. The born outside of Spain parent, ( I was also born in Spain ) , grandparent, whenever they are originally Spanish .

Seven. In addition, the applicant must demonstrate good citizenship , and sufficient integration into Spanish society.

Spanish nationality

Who can apply for Residence Nationality?

1. The applicant, by itself, where over 18 or is emancipated.

Two . The over 14 assisted by their legal representatives.

Three . Legal representatives of under 14 years.

Four . The incapacitated by itself or the legal representatives of the disabled , depending on what point the judgment of incapacitation.


Where nationality is handled by Location:

The Civil Registry for your home city.


Documents needed to apply for Spanish citizenship by residence.

1 – . Filled Application.

2 – Original and copy of the card ( if you are also renewing the receipt of renewal – Original and Copy )

3 – Original and copy of the passport (including pages that are blank ) .

4 – Certificate of registration or Volante Capital in Madrid – Original and current. For / as married / as with Spanish / a certificate or voucher must be set .

5 – . Certificate original and legalized birth – must be legible and if translated . ( If the promoter had been born in Spain must provide a birth certificate and the Spanish Civil Registry birth certificate of the consulate of the country in Spain ) . Original .

6 – . Certificate original and legalized marriage.

– Married couples must be accompanied by the spouse and if this could not do should the developer leave irrefutable evidence that his spouse   know  the start of the file nationality and which serves his interests and about the same (original and legalized )

– Those who are married to Spanish / a should bring Spanish marriage certificate and birth certificate literal Spanish Husband / a (original) .

– The / as divorced / as : certificate of marriage to divorce head note ( legalized original ) or marriage certificate and original testimony of the divorce decree ( legalized original ) .

– The / as widows / widowers: marriage certificate and death certificate of spouse ( legalized original ) .

. 7 – Birth certificate of all , original and legalized / s minor children .

. 8 – Certificate of country of origin criminal legalized (or apostilled ) original and current .

. 9 – Documents proving livelihoods: original and copy of:

– Employment contract and last 3 pay slips or

– Contract work and working life certificate or

– Certificate of INEM life and work (unemployed ) or

– Statement of comprehensive income

– For domestic workers: employment contract or letter from employer and certified professional life ( or 3 recent Social Security receipts ) along with photocopy of ID of the employer.

All documents not in Spanish must be translated by an official interpreter.

If certificates of birth, marriage or death are Madrid and are enrolled in the civil registry needless contribute them.

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In Residence Card .Org are prepared for Spanish nationality