The advantages of having a child born in Spain

A person born in Spain can apply for residency and obtain it in one year. 

Having a child in Spain has many advantages for the applicant and his family members. We present all the advantages below. 

1. Having a child in Spain 

Having a child born in Spain has many and varied advantages for parents, 

One of them is that, after one year of residence, the child born in Spain has the right to Spanish nationality. This brings many advantages, not only for the child, but also for the parents. 

2. Legal advantages 

Having a Spanish child allows other family members to apply for a 5 year stay in the EU as a family member of an EU citizen. 

Another advantage is that even if one of the parents is in the country of origin, once the child has obtained nationality, he or she can apply for a visa as a family member of an EU citizen, which is not subject to any type of restriction. In other words, the consulate does not have the ability to decide otherwise or to put obstacles in the way. 

The birth of a child in Spain used to be a rather long and complex procedure, which could even take several years. Recently, however, the procedure for obtaining nationality has been modified, shortening it in most cases to only a few months. 

Another advantage is that parents who apply for residence as a family member of an EU citizen do not have to prove their financial resources, but only that they are the parents of a Spanish citizen, which is a huge advantage. 

In addition, the residence that parents obtain for having a Spanish child gives them the possibility of working or not in the territory. 

People who are parents of EU citizens can also obtain a five-year residence permit. 

3. One year to apply for residence 

The bureaucratic part has been reduced, so it is assumed that in a few months, the non-European minor, born in Spain after one year of residence, will be able to obtain Spanish nationality in a simpler and faster way. 

When we say that he/she must have one year of residence, this year of residence does not have to be immediate. 

4. Real cases 

Our firm has helped to deal with the case of a person born in Melilla, who at the age of 40, obtained his residence. After a year, he applied for his nationality. 

That is, it is not a matter of being born and having residency. It is a matter of being born and having residency throughout one’s life. It does not have to be immediately. 

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