Did you know that you don’t need the residence card ?

In December 2020, a new regulation came into effect that states that it will no longer be necessary to have a residence card in Spain in physical format.  

The new regulation establishes that it will not be mandatory to have the Spanish residence card in physical format. Find out why and the exceptions below. 

1. The new regulation that you need to know about the Spanish residence card 

In December 2020, a new regulation was published that affects people with an approved residence permit.  

The resolution states that for those who have an approved residence, and do not have a physical card or have not collected the card or put their fingerprints on it, according to the decree, their residence has been withdrawn or renewed and it is in force. 

2. What this new resolution means 

The entry into force of this regulation means that it is no longer necessary to physically hold a Spanish residence card. There will no longer be any need for any aspect, neither with regard to the administration itself, nor with regard to third parties. 

Even if it is a bank account or tax matter, the resolution is accompanied by the aforementioned annotation indicating that it is valid without the need to have the physical card.  

Did you know that you don't need the residence card ?

3. Therefore, it is not mandatory to carry the card? 

This does not mean that at any time we do not get the card, which is very useful when we have to travel and cross a border.  

Spanish regulations are in force within Spain, so if we want to travel outside the borders, we cannot cross them with our passport alone. 

4.Are there any exceptions to this regulation? 

There is one exception to this regulation. People who arrive in Spain with a national visa for the first time, or a student visa for the first time, must be fingerprinted within the 60 or 90 day time limit. 

We are referring to the first time you get your card because you must be fingerprinted and you must get a receipt from the police to record that you have been fingerprinted. 

This is critical and is an exception to the regulations published in December 2020. 

Therefore, this new regulation affects people who already have a residence permit and have already renewed it or have already obtained residence in Spain, but not those who arrive in the country with a visa for the first time to obtain a residence permit in Spain, nor for a person with a student stay. 

We recommend that you obtain the residence card in physical format if you plan to cross a border into Spain.  

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Did you know that you don’t need the residence card ?