Antonio Villena announces new services

The office will start offering new services.

We explain the novelties of our office, always in maintenance to continue offering you the best service and treatment possible to obtain your residence permit. 

We take this opportunity to inform you that our team of professionals led by Antonio Villena and specialized in residence permits in Spain, will start offering a new service. 

1.New in our office

The new service will be a collaboration service with students or people who want to come to Spain to study. 

We will help you to validate high school diplomas, an essential task for those who want to start studying in Spain. 

We will not only look for the validation of the academic curriculum, but also all the possible options to help our clients in obtaining the student residence visa. 

2. Concrete examples

In our head office we have Elías (you can see his interview via this link), who arrived in Spain under the same conditions and is now doing an internship with us. 

The first step will be the validation of his studies of baccalaureate in order to be able to follow a VT (professional training). We will also help you to validate your university degrees through a very simple process. 

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