Top 14 beaches to visit in Spain 2022

Know the best tourist and beach places in Spain.

We compile once again places you must visit in Spain, this time, beaches to visit this summer season that has not yet ended.

Spain is a place of tourism, and its beaches are a great attraction for foreigners and Spaniards alike. In the middle of the heat wave, you may be looking for a place to cool off and spend a few days while you take a break from work. Here are the 14 best beaches to visit in Spain.

1. Northern Spain

If you’re looking for a cooler destination, but with a beach, northern Spain is the place for you. The lush landscape of Galicia, combined with the climate of the Atlantic Ocean, leaves beautiful places like the beach of Las Catedrales. This landscape, also called Aguas Santas beach, located in the Galician municipality of Ribadeo, is on the coast of the province of Lugo, Spain, on the Cantabrian Sea.

You must book free admission to access the beach of the Cathedrals only during the months of July, August, September and Easter. This can be done 30 days in advance through the Xunta de Galicia. The rest of the year there is free access.

You must be careful with the tides, and know that the best time to go to this beach paradise is from 2 hours before and up to 2 hours after low tide.

Also in the north is the beach of Cue, in Asturias. Also called Antilles beach, it is a natural pool overlooking the Atlantic and is the perfect place for snorkelling.

It is joined by a sandy barrier to a large rock known as Isla Grande. When the tide comes in, it forms a natural pool perfect for diving and fishing. It is one kilometre from the town of Cue, and you can get there on foot or by car.

Finally, in northern Spain you should also visit Oyambre Beach. We have selected this destination as one of the best beaches in Spain in 2022 for its sunsets. This sea of dunes and beach was formed as the mouth of the Ría de la Rabia estuary, and is more than 2 km long. It is located in Cantabria, within the Oyambre Natural Park.

2. The Islands

Spain is a peninsula, and therefore has a coastline in almost every community. But it also includes several islands and two autonomous cities in Africa and the Mediterranean coast: Ceuta and Melilla.

Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands, could be the ideal destination if you’re looking for a Mediterranean climate, gentle tides and plenty of nightlife. It is a favourite place for parties, discos and lounging in the sun.

Bossa beach is the most outstanding beach in Ibiza. It has sunbeds, a bar, restaurant and stunning views of the Mediterranean.

In the Canary Islands you can visit Playa de Las Conchas, a paradise beach in the north of La Graciosa. We recommend that you take care when bathing. Especially with children. The currents are strong and can be dangerous.

3. Catalonia and Valencia

Figueres Beach is located on the Costa Brava, in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, Girona. The atmosphere is less crowded than those in the centre, and the Chiringuito de El Hipie, makes this an ideal place to spend the day and relax in front of the Mediterranean coast.

If you are looking for more beach tourism in Catalonia, you can go to Calella de Palafrugell. Located in the Baix Empordà region, in Gerona, it is a charming fishing village with spectacular alleyways to stroll through. Its beaches, such as El Canadell and Els Canyssos, Playa de les Barques, Playa del Golfet or La Platgeta. But from our office we recommend you to visit Port de la Malaespina, with coarse sand, 47 metres and the perfect meeting point for families, walkers and urbanites in search of sun and the Mediterranean.

Valencia also has some great and well-known beaches, the best of which is Playa de Las Arenas. The palm-lined promenade leaves the restaurants on one side and the sea on the other, making it the perfect place to start the day with a dip in the water, a bite to eat in the beach bars, and dinner in the elegant restaurants in the area overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

If we continue our journey along the beach we reach Murcia, where we can swim at the beach of Lastre or La Unión. This natural beach is almost 200 metres long and has fine sand and gravel. It has a picnic area, local beach bars and showers at the exit.

4. Southern Spain

And the best for last: the south of Spain and its enchanting and enchanting beaches.

Also known as the coast of light, the community of Huelva stretches from the mouth of the Guadiana River, between the border of Spain and Portugal, to the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, which separates the province of Huelva from the province of Cadiz.

The beaches of Huelva have numerous marinas, offering the best conditions for the practice of sailing sports, thanks to the mild climate that allows you to enjoy the sea at any time of the year.

Playa de la Bota, with a historical past where, according to legend, the British left false documents for the Germans to find during the Second World War. It is an unspoilt beach that you can visit by car or caravan, as it has a camping area. It has an extension of about 3,800 metres and at some points it is almost 300 metres wide.

Malaga is also Costa del Sol, . La Malagueta Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag, a distinction awarded by the European Foundation for Environmental Education.

It is 1,200 metres long and 45 metres wide on average. You can rent sun loungers, parasols and nautical equipment. It also has a promenade, so that your day can begin on the beach and end on the terraces overlooking the Mediterranean while you enjoy the tasty local cuisine.

Maro Beach, in Malaga, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Andalusia. It is located in a wild, natural and fully Mediterranean environment in the heart of the Natural Park of Acantilados de Maro. The picturesque cove is hidden among cliffs, cultivated fields and can be seen from the remains of an old Arab watchtower.

Located in a quiet spot away from the city, Molino de Papel Beach is the perfect destination if you are in Malaga. It is located between the cliffs of Maro and Cerro Gordo, and has no restaurant services, so you should be cautious if you come to spend the day and don’t forget your umbrella to protect you from the sun.

In the natural park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar, is the Cala de Enmedio beach, in the municipality of Níjar, at the mouth of the Rambla de la Cala, flanked by the Cerro del Cuartel and the Cerro de la Higuera. This beach in Almería has fine golden sand, covers 150 metres and hides tongues of stone with crystalline waters.

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