Social integration of labour, acces facilities

Find out about the new facilities for residence permits due to social integration of labour in Spain.

The new immigration regulations make it easier to obtain a residence permit due to social integration of labour in Spain.

1. Facilities for residency due to social integration of labour

First of all, the new regulations allow access to a residence for social integration of labour to those people who have been self-employed, i.e. people who have been self-employed with social security registration.

This change is very beneficial, because before the change of regulations there were many people who had been self-employed and then could not access a residence permit due to social integration of labour, but now they can access a residence permit due to social integration of labour.

With the new regulations, it is sufficient to have been registered with the social security for 6 months as a self-employed person and to present proof every 90 days that we have been residing in the country for 2 years, if we meet these two requirements, we will be able to access a residence permit for social integration of labour.

In addition, the new regulations make it easier and more flexible to prove that a person has been working for 6 months as an employee, previously a labour inspection with its respective report was necessary, but nowadays an inspection is not necessary and it is enough with legal evidence such as messages on a mobile phone with the employer, witnesses, etc.

Social integration of labour, acces facilities

2. Facilities for recovering residency

This is also a great opportunity for people who have lost their residence permit. This new immigration law allows you to get another residence permit again if you have been working for a total of 6 months in the last two years as an employee or self-employed for 6 months with social security registration.

It is important to keep in mind that we are always talking about 6 months full time, or at least 30 hours a week, or even 15 hours a week for a year.

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