Government announces regularization of Ukrainians in Spain

Spain has announced the regularization of Ukrainians who are and will soon arrive in the country, fleeing the Russian invasion.  

The Spanish government will regularize all Ukrainian citizens who are in the country and will arrive because of the war with Russia. In addition, the regularization will include those who were living undocumented in Spain before the conflict. 

On March 10, 2022, the Spanish Ministry of Interior issued a clarifying instruction on the regularization procedure for Ukrainian citizens who are refugees in Spain due to the Russian invasion. This is an application for temporary protection for Ukrainian citizens displaced in Spain. 

The Spanish government has decided, “considering that the consequences of the war affect many other people”, to guarantee residence and work permits “to third-country nationals who were actually residing in Ukraine at the time of the invasion”, as explained by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration. 

  1. Nearly 4 million displaced persons seek safe haven   

In recent weeks, the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has left millions of citizens homeless. 

Many have fled and sought refuge in Spain. The latest figures indicate that over 3.6 million people have left the country, making it the largest refugee displacement. 

The difference is striking compared to other international conflicts: the borders are, for now, open. 

  1. Regularization of Ukrainians in Spain     

The Spanish government has approved a new instruction established by the European pact to ensure the reception of refugees from the Russian invasion, by which a regularization of Ukrainian citizens who are on Spanish territory has been initiated. 

Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war will be able to obtain an express residence permit to live, study and work in Spain legally. 

Applicants only need to prove that they are Ukrainian citizens. They will then be granted a temporary residence and work permit for a period of one year. This permit can be extended up to 3 years. 

As with all regulations, there is an exception, namely that this process cannot be granted to people with Ukrainian citizenship and a criminal record. 

  1. Where to apply for a residence permit in Spain for Ukrainian citizens?   

Provincial brigades of foreigners and borders; and to start the procedure, you need to make an appointment at the electronic headquarters of the public administration. 

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