Problems and solutions for foreigners renting in Spain

How a foreigner can solve rental problems in Spain.

We tell you about the problems of renting a property in Spain for a foreigner and the different solutions that can be applied.

Currently, there is a major problem in Spain for foreigners who come to live in Spain when looking for a rental property, so we are going to analyse this problem and the different solutions that we can provide you with thanks to our years of experience in similar cases.

1. Solutions that depend on each case

There are different situations where there may be a problem in the rental of a property for a foreign person who comes to Spain to live, study or work.

The situation will be different for each case and for each person, such as for example the case of a person coming to Spain with a residence visa, cases of students coming to study for more than six months or with a student residence permit, cases of people coming to work in Spain with a contract, etc.

2. Cases of non-profit residence visas

People coming to Spain on a residence visa, normally non-profit, will encounter the problem of renting a property through a real estate company.

Real estate companies all work with insurance companies and these insurers want the person coming to live in the property, or the guarantor, to have property or a salary in Spain in case of non-payment, but people coming with a non-profit residency do not usually meet these requirements as soon as they arrive in the country, so real estate companies will not want to rent you a property.

The solution to this problem is to rent property through private owners, not through real estate companies, for this there are several websites where you can search for offers of properties for rent from private owners, some of these websites are Idealista, Milanuncios, etc.

In addition, the best option for renting a property from a private owner is to offer full payment of the rent, and this would be the best or practically the only solution we can offer for a foreign person with a residence visa.

Problems and solutions for foreigners renting in Spain

3. Cases of foreign students

If you are a student coming to study in Spain, the best option is the student residence, which are establishments prepared to house students and which give greater peace of mind to the parents due to noise control measures, access, etc., who are the ones who normally pay for the residence.

4. Cases of foreign workers

If you are a person coming to Spain to work, the best option or almost the only option is to share housing with people from the same country of origin or who are in the same situation, if you have a normal contract and you have just arrived in the country.

In addition, sharing housing really means renting a room in a house, which normally costs considerably less than a whole house for a single person and allows for greater financial savings, which is, after all, a very important aspect when you come to work in Spain from another country.

5. Cases of UGE workers

In case you are a foreign person who has an important UGE (Unión General de Empresas) contract due to an international mobility issue, in principle you should have no problem renting a property in Spain, whether it is a rental with a real estate company or with a private landlord.

6. Other options

These would be the different options and solutions for each case, which we consider to be the best solutions for each situation, although there are other options.

In case you have a relative living in Spain, he or she could guarantee the rental of a property, which would help a lot to get a property without any problem.

In summary, all the options given above would be the solutions to the problems of renting a property that we can find for each case. We hope that this information that we have shared with you has been useful and we are at your disposal to resolve any doubts and help you in any way we can.

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