How to obtain the social integration training residence permit and its requirements

Find out the necessary requirements and how to obtain the residence permit for social integration training.

We explain you how to obtain the residence permit due to the social integration  training, where we must fulfil certain requirements that we are going to explain in detail.

In the following, we are going to analyse from a practical point of view how to apply for a residence permit with social integration training purposes.

First of all, we will mention the fundamental requirements to apply for this residence permit: we need proof  of a  Non criminal record in the country of origin together with the corresponding authentication and certified translation, we will also need a full passport and we will also need to prove that you have been living in Spain for two years.

1. How to prove that you have been living in Spain for 2 years

To prove that we have been living in Spain for 2 years, we must provide proof of this every 90 days, and not every 120 days as in the case of residence for social integration, since in this case we are dealing with social integration training.

These proofs can be of greater value or directly irrefutable if they are issued, for example, by a public body such as a town hall or health centre; a money remittance is also considered irrefutable proof, and a certificate of census registration is also valid proof.

If we have a period of time longer than 90 days, evidence such as purchase invoices, a telephone contract where we make calls, a bank account where we use the card, etc. are also useful in this case.

But we must mainly obtain irrefutable proof, we are talking about medical assistance in health centres where we can obtain a certificate related to the dates of the medical assistance received if we expressly request it, we are also talking about money transfers in which we can provide the receipt as proof or we can request a certificate of said money transfers if we do not have all the receipts, and we must also include as important proof the aforementioned certificate of census registration.

Once we have the proofs, we must order them according to the date and there must not be a difference of more than 90 days between one proof and another.

2. Summary of the necessary requirements

Now we will make a small summary of everything necessary that we have mentioned that we must provide in order to obtain the residence permit with roots for training:

– Proof of a non Criminal record from the country of origin

– Complete photocopied passport

– Certificate of census registration

– Other proof mentioned above (other certificates)

It is important to mention that, when processing the residence permit, we must be very clear about the training course we are going to take because it will have to be included in the application for the permit.

In principle, having a clear idea of the training course to be taken and providing the documentation we have summarised above, there should be no problem whatsoever in obtaining our residence permit with roots due to training.

3. Explanatory video of the training courses on offer

To locate the training course that we want to do, we have created an explanatory video where we show you in detail how to locate any training course that is valid for the social integration training, we are talking about courses that have certificates of professionalism and are provided by the SEPE (State Public Employment Service).

These courses can be found practically all over the country and even in distant towns where you can find courses that may be of interest to you.

The courses can be face-to-face as well as off-site or combination of  learning, and they can also be given by academies that collaborate with the SEPE.

In the video we have included the most basic courses that can be taken even by people who have no training whatsoever. In addition to these basic courses, courses that we have not included in this video, such as higher vocational training courses or university courses, are also valid.

In conclusion, we have detailed the essential requirements to obtain the residence permit with social integration  training, if you want us to carry out the process from anywhere in Spain we can do it without any problem, since the whole process is online through the so-called “Red Mercurio” that we find in the platform of foreigners, in addition with the recognised digital certificate we can process your residence permit from anywhere in Spain where you are.

We can also inform you of the courses that may be available to you due to your area of residence or because you are personally interested, as well as inform you of the courses where you have the opportunity to take them online.

We hope that this information has been useful for your future and we are at your disposal to help you with any procedure and to solve any doubts you may have.

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