How to request an appointment with the consulates of Spain in Algeria

How to make an appointment with the consulates of Spain in Algeria to obtain a visa

We explain how we should apply for an appointment with the Spanish consulates in Algeria to get a residence visa for Spain.

We are going to explain how we should apply for an appointment in Algeria for a national residence visa for Spain.

As we already know, there are two Spanish consulates in Algeria, one in Oran and the other in Algiers, in both of them appointments are requested by email, below the video of this publication we will give the corresponding emails to request these appointments.

1. Spanish Consulate in Oran

In the case of the Spanish consulate in Oran, they usually reply quite quickly and in a matter of approximately 10 days they respond to the email indicated.

We must take into account the following: the email from which we send the message must be an email that we check continuously and we must provide an active telephone number, as they often contact the consulate by telephone.

It is important that, when requesting the appointment by email, we provide the passport of all family members and specify the type of visa we want, which can be a non-profit residence visa or a self-employed residence visa.

How to request an appointment with the consulates of Spain in Algeria

2. Spanish Consulate in Algiers

In the case of the Spanish Consulate in Algiers, the way to request an appointment is the same as mentioned above, by sending an email which we will specify below the video of this publication, sending the message from an active email address and providing a telephone number which is also active. Also providing a photocopy of the passport of all members of the family, specifying the type of visa we want.

Unfortunately, nowadays it is taking in some cases more than 3 months to get a response from the consulate in Algiers due to the excessive workload, but at least you will receive a confirmation email from the consulate that assures you that they will respond sooner or later.

It should be noted that it is not allowed to insist or ask when your case will be dealt with, because every time we send an email we will return to the back of the queue of requests that are answered in strict order of arrival, so we should not insist or ask again so as not to be at the bottom of the list again.

We hope that this explanation will help you to make an appointment for national visas in Algeria.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please feel free to contact us, we are at your disposal, best regards.

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