It is not necessary to be 6 months in Spain to renew the residence

You can renew your residence in Spain even if you have not been in Spain for more than 6 months. 

Antonio Villena explains a real case in which a person can renew his or her residence in Spain without complying with the six-month rule. 

It is not always necessary to comply with the six-month residency rule in order to renew. Here we show you the real cases that our firm has dealt with and solved, and those that have not complied with this rule. 

Antonio Villena, head of our team of professionals specialized in residency in Spain, clarifies that the regulation does not say that a person who wants to obtain or renew his residency must live in Spain for six months, but that he cannot reside outside Spain for more than six months. 

This means that during the first year of residency, Spain gives the possibility to renew the residency two months before it expires.  

The initial residence is twelve months. The regulation does not stipulate that the client must live in Spain for six months, but that he or she must not live outside Spain for six months. 

Let’s look at a practical case: 

To remove any doubt, let’s now consider a practical case, that is, out of the twelve months, I renew after ten months, out of the ten months I have been out of Spain for five months and 25 days, for example, and I have been in Spain for four months and five days. I can renew without any problem.

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