Interview about the new job bank to get a job in Spain

We bring you an interview with Antonio Villena about our new job bank.

The new law on foreigners makes it easier to hire people in their countries of origin , and we have created a Job bank  to be able to work in Spain, which we explain to you below.

Being able to work in Spain on a regular basis is now much easier thanks to the new law on foreigners that has recently been approved in Spain, as it makes it more flexible for Spanish companies to hire foreigners directly in their country of origin.

Antonio Villena, expert in immigration procedures and migratory processes, explains the information regarding this new immigration law in the following paragraphs:

1. Advantages of the new law on foreigners 

The new immigration regulations include different possibilities for coming to work in Spain, let us remember that here we have 50% of Spanish companies with serious problems in recruiting staff.

We are not only talking about specialised personnel; we are talking about personnel for tasks with less need for training and which are just as much in demand, such as waiters or transporters, which reflects that in Spain there is a serious problem with the recruitment of personnel, so there has been no choice but to make the possibility of hiring foreigners in their country of origin more flexible, just as it was done before the economic crisis of 2008, but now even more flexible and agile.

Therefore, in principle, any employer who needs staff and cannot find them in Spain will be able to directly hire the staff they need in their countries of origin with a very simple procedure.

But in addition, any student doing a university Master’s degree in Spain, once they have finished their Master’s degree, has the possibility of working in Spain with a contract to work as an employee or as a self-employed worker.

This possibility of working in Spain will also be available directly to students who finish their baccalaureate in their country of origin and come to Spain to study a higher vocational training degree, so foreign students studying both a university master’s degree and a higher vocational training degree will be able to start working in Spain without any problem.

Moreover, not only the student who comes to Spain will be able to work, but also the spouse or partner and children who will automatically have the right to work in Spain.

2. Steps to obtain permanent residence 

In the case of these students, this degree or master’s degree , will always have to last more than 6 months, and once they have finished this degree they will be able to access a residence permit very quickly with a contract to work as an employee or with a self-employed business project as a freelance worker, or even apply for a year’s residence permit which is called for job search, which is granted in 20 days.

Once they get that residence permit for 1 year, they can later apply for a 4-year residence permit, and when they have been living and working in Spain for a total of 5 years with those two residence permits, they will be able to get a permanent residence permit.

So, as you can see, multiple possibilities have been opened up not only for Spanish companies to hire personnel in their countries of origin, but also to be able to come and do a training course and finally stay and work in Spain.

3. New free Job bank 

We have recently created a programme for a very simple and intuitive job bank, in which you can upload your professional data, your work experience and other information so that a Spanish company or an employer who needs personnel can locate your profile through this job exchange and thus be able to contact you and hire you.

But in addition, this job bank will also help companies from other European countries to contact you and hire you, because let’s remember that not only Spain has serious recruitment problems, but other European countries such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc. also have recruitment problems at present.

Therefore, it is a very interesting option to advertise your professional profile, especially because at the moment it is a free programme both for people who put their profiles in the job bank and for employers who are looking for these profiles.

You can find this job bank programme on our website in English, although we remind you that the job bank is configured in three languages: Spanish, English and French. This website in English is and let’s remember that for the moment it is free of charge in this launching phase that we are carrying out with this new programme.

4. Tutorial on how to register for the job bank 

For those interested, we have created a short and simple tutorial so that you know how the registration process works in our job bank, you can see it in the video of this interview.

Therefore, we encourage you to use this excellent free tool that we provide on our website so that you can advertise your professional profile and get a job.

We hope that all this information from the interview will be useful for you in the future and we will be at your disposal to solve any doubts and help you with any immigration procedures.

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