Requirements for the renewal of the non-profit residency in Spain

Find out what are the requirements for the renewal of your non-profit residency in Spain.

We tell you the necessary requirements so that you can renew your non-profit residence visa in Spain without any problem.

We are going to explain you the renewal of the non-profit residence and the necessary documents for it as well as the required financial amounts.

1. First requirement

The first requirement is relatively simple, we must have in the bank twice the amount of money we had in the bank when we initially applied for the residence, that is, we will take into consideration the current IPREM of the year 2022 which is 580 euros.

Therefore, if in the renewal there is only one member to renew, the amount of money to have in the bank will be 580 euros multiplied by 4 and by 24 months, which is the time we are going to be in Spain.

But in case there is more than one member, as in the case of families, for each additional member you will have to add another 580 euros multiplied by 24 months, this amount is the necessary amount to have in the bank, no more is needed.

In addition, it is not necessary to justify the origin of the economic means, since the origin of the economic means was justified when applying for the first residence permit, in the cases of national visas for non-profit residence it is not usually necessary to prove the origin of the amounts of money, it is simply necessary to present the amount of money in the bank.

We must take into account the cases of some countries, such as Algeria or Iraq, which do not allow money to leave the country or which are very restrictive in this respect, as the amounts of money to be presented for renewal must be in banks in countries, preferably Spain, which allow the movement of money between countries.

2. Second requirement

The second requirement for renewal is to prove that the health insurance has been taken out continuously from the beginning and that it has always been a health insurance without co-payment.

Requirements for the renewal of the non-profit residency in Spain

3. Third requirement

The third requirement, which is only necessary in cases where we have children of school age between 6 and 16 years old, is to prove that they have been enrolled in a school and also to present, if possible, the enrolment for the following school year.

4. Fourth requirement

The fourth and final requirement is to present a full copy of your passport to prove that you have not left the country for more than 6 months for each year you have been resident here.

5. Exception to the first requirement

So, this would be all in principle, although there is a caveat for cases in which we do not have the minimum amount required in the bank for renewal, where in these cases we will have to justify that monthly or annual income, i.e., present and justify the amount of money we earn per month or year and that this amount is sufficient.

We hope this information has been of help to you and we are at your disposal to provide advice and assistance in the renewal of residency or whatever you may need.

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