How to recover permanent residence in Spain

It is possible to recover your permanent residence in Spain if it has expired.

We tell you how you can recover your permanent residence if it has expired while you were outside of Spain.

1. Why you can recover your permanent residence

We are going to explain how it is possible to recover permanent residence.

We can lose the permanent residence for several reasons, for example, because we have been outside Spain when the residence permit expired.

In these cases where we lose the permanent residence because we are outside Spain and at that moment the residence expires, we will no longer be able to return to Spain or travel to Europe, but for these cases it is possible to recover the permanent residence.

The main reason why we can recover the permanent residence is because it is a right that is acquired and not lost, as it does not depend on the residence card.

2. Documentation required to recover the residence

Therefore, to recover the permanent residence we will have to present several documents, such as proof of non  criminal record from the country of origin or where we have resided outside Spain the five years prior to the expiration of the residence, also a certificate of not having contagious diseases with respect to the international regulations of the year 2005.

In addition, we will have to fill in the corresponding forms and fees to present them at the corresponding consulate in the country where we are.

However, it is not a quick procedure, as the consulate has to ask the immigration office to verify that we really have this residence, and that our residence has not been withdrawn for criminal reasons or for reasons of force majeure, which would be exceptional cases.

So, this procedure between the consulate and the office for foreigners can take a long time, but no matter how long it takes, you will certainly be able to recover your permanent residence.

In our office, we have had several cases of clients who have lost their permanent residence and for whom we have managed to recover their permanent residence.

We hope you have found this information helpful and we are at your disposal for any queries you may have.

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