How to get non-profit residency renewal in 2022

Find out the requirements to get your non-profit residency renewed in 2022

We explain to you all the details of the requirements necessary to obtain the renewal of the non-profit residency in this year 2022.

1. Necessary requirements

We are going to analyse the simplest way to obtain the renewal of the non-profit residency for the year 2022, for such a renewal there are several requirements:

– A photocopy of all the pages of the passport are needed to prove that each year we have not been out of the country for more than six months.

– Proof that we have had private medical insurance for the entire time we have been living in the country, by means of a certificate stating that we currently have it contracted and how long we have had it contracted.

– Provide a new census registration certificate only if we have changed our address, but if we have not changed our address, it is not necessary.

– If you have children of school age (between 6 and 16 years old), it is compulsory to present a certificate from the school where they have studied the previous year and that they are still studying in the current academic year, or if we are in summer, that they will continue studying the following academic year.

– There are two ways of presenting our current financial means, the simplest of which is to have a certain amount of money in the bank that is sufficient in accordance with the current regulations.

How to get non-profit residency renewal in 2022

2. How to prove financial means

The amount to have in the bank would be a minimum of 580 euros multiplied by 4 for the first member of the family and, as it is a renewal of residence for 24 months, we multiply by 24 that amount of money.

In addition, for each member of the family, according to the IPREM of the year 2022, we would have to add another 580 euros multiplied by the 24 months of the renewal of the residence, having as a final result the amount of money that we need to have in the bank.

But in case we do not have that amount of money in the bank, nothing happens, since it will be enough to prove that we are earning every month a minimum amount of money that we have mentioned before, for the first member of the family it would have to be a minimum amount of 580 euros multiplied first by 4 and then by 24 due to the 24 months, then it would have to be a minimum of 580 euros for each additional member of the family, also multiplied by the 24 months.

In short, the easiest way to prove the economic means that we have is with a bank certificate with the amount that we have in the bank, amount specified above, without having to prove where these economic amounts come from since it is not requested for a renewal of the residence permit, it is only necessary to present this certificate of ownership together with the balance and the stamps of the movements made in the last months, therefore it is not necessary to present where this money comes from since it was already proved when we applied for the residence permit for the first time.

3. Details to be mentioned about the requirements

At this point, let us repeat some of the requirements mentioned above while clarifying certain important aspects.

Regarding the passport, a photocopy of all the pages of the passport must be submitted, showing the corners and edges, as well as all the pages, and it is also important that the passport is still valid for at least 4 months, otherwise it will have to be renewed before submitting it.

Regarding the health insurance, it is essential that the certificate mentions that we still have it and that we have not changed it to a co-paying insurance, therefore we cannot change our health insurance to a co-paying health insurance.

On the other hand, we must mention a caveat for residents who are nationals of countries such as Algeria or Iraq, among other countries that prevent money from leaving the country, and that caveat is that the bank accounts presented must allow the money to move, or Spanish bank account.

This last aspect is very important, as the Spanish administration does not consider it valid to present bank accounts in which money cannot be moved out of the country where the bank account has been created and transfers cannot be made to Spain from that country.

We hope that this talk about the renewal of the non-profit residency for the year 2022 has helped you.

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