Requirements to obtain a residence visa for Spain from Morocco

Discover the requirements to obtain a residence visa for Spain from Morocco.

We are going to explain the requirements to obtain a residence visa for Spain from Morocco.

1. Main advantage

We are going to see below the particular characteristics of applying for a residence visa for Spain in Morocco.

In principle, a great advantage lies in the fact that the economic means that we have in Morocco, such as an amount of money in a bank account that we have in a bank of that country, is valid as an economic means to be able to apply for the residence visa for Spain, unlike other countries.

An example of countries that do not consider these cases to be valid would be Algeria, since Spain does not recognise an amount of money held in a bank account in an Algerian bank as a valid means of payment, whereas in the case of Morocco it is valid.

Therefore, this advantage means that we do not necessarily have to open a bank account in Spain in order to successfully apply for a residence visa.

2. Other necessary requirements

Regarding the rest of the requirements, the documentation required is the same in the case of Morocco as in the rest of the countries.

On the one hand, we must have medical insurance in Spain, but it must be taken into account that this medical insurance is not the same as the insurance requested for the Schengen visa, we are talking about different insurances and the medical insurance we need must be a medical insurance contracted with a Spanish company and it must be a medical insurance without co-payment.

Other requirements are, for example, to own or rent a property, to present a certificate of a non criminal record from your country of origin, to present a certificate of not having any contagious diseases according to the international regulations of the year 2005, etc.

In short, the rest of the documentation is the same as for the rest of the countries, as well as having the advantage that we mentioned at the beginning, which makes it easier to prove the origin of the economic means to obtain the residence visa.

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