How to obtain a student visa for study purposes in Spain without economic means

Get your student visa without having financial means.

Here we explain to you how you can obtain a visa to study in Spain without having the financial means to cover the costs.

1. Option without financial means

How can I study in Spain by obtaining a student visa if I do not have the financial means and my parents cannot afford the necessary expenses?

In this case, there is an option in which we would need a third person, preferably a close relative such as a brother or grandfather or even an uncle, who will support us financially and this support must be certified before a notary, declaring that they will support us with their financial means.

2. Minimum economic amount necessary

On the other hand, there must be a sufficient amount of money in a bank account for the first year of residence for study purposes.

This amount consists of the amount indicated by the IPREM of the specific year, in this case we are in the year 2022 and the IPREM of this year is 580 euros that we must multiply by the 12 months of stay for studying

This amount of money must be blocked in a bank in my home country and I must also have a certificate stating that this amount is for my studies.

Therefore, in summary, we would need a person to support us financially by declaring it at the notary’s office and demonstrating their financial means, as well as having a certificate stating that the money blocked in the bank is for my studies, which would be enough to be able to study in Spain without having the financial means to do so.

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