Successful cases: Non-profit residency for non-EU entrepreneurs with managerial and managerial positions and for self-employed persons.

Several rulings of the Spanish Supreme Court have been key to the application of this criterion.

We bring you one of the many successful cases of our firm.

This time we talk about getting a non-profit residence permit for a manager or liberal or self-employed professional.

Antonio Villena, head of our team of professionals specialising in residence permits for Spain, explains how we managed to obtain a non-profit residence permit for foreign entrepreneurs with managerial and executive positions and for self-employed people.

We couldn’t avoid some difficulties at the beginning, because when we started the procedure, we found that consulates were reluctant to go through with it. But we had an advantage: there are several rulings of the Spanish Supreme Court.

1. The rulings of the Supreme Court 

These rulings make it clear that the interpretation of the regulations is that the person interested in obtaining non-profit residency in Spain may not carry out any business or professional activity in Spain, but may do so in their country of origin or residence.

Villena emphasises that the judgments themselves recognise and explain very clearly that with today’s telematic means, a free entrepreneur or professional, or a self-employed person, can conduct his or her business activity from Spain in his or her country of origin.

Successful cases: Non-profit residency for non-EU entrepreneurs

2. The obstacle at the consulates 

The only difficulty we encountered in obtaining a non-profit residence permit for a self-employed person was with the consulates. We solved it by mentioning the rulings when lodging the appeal. In this way, we managed to get the consulates that were not accepting it to accept it.

This first process opened up the possibility for the following files of clients in the same circumstances to be approved quickly.

3. We process your non-profit residency permit 

With our help, entrepreneurs with management positions, liberal professionals or freelancers can obtain a non-profit residence permit in Spain.

You can apply for such a permit, even if you carry out a professional activity in your home country, and you can even run your business from Spain.

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