What to do if I am missing documents at my visa appointment for Spain

Find out what to do if you are missing documents at your visa appointment.

We explain the options you have in case you do not have all the documents you need to submit at the appointment for the residence visa for Spain.

1. Deadline of 10 working days

We are going to explain what happens if we are going to submit an application for a residence visa and I am missing documents that I have not had time to obtain.

Firstly, if the missing documents are not essential documents, we will be given 10 working days to submit the missing documents, and if we need to extend the deadline or cancel it for a justified reason, it can be done within those 10 working days.

2. 15 working days

However, we must bear in mind that if documents are missing from an administration we will have 15 working days instead of 10 days, so we could request that the deadline for delivery of documents be extended to 15 working days if this were the case.

We remind you that working days work differently in each country, in Spain the non-working days are Saturday and Sunday, while in Algeria the non-working days are Friday and Saturday, so we must take into account this detail regarding deadlines.

3. Deadlines for extreme cases

For extreme cases where an interruption of the deadline is really justified for any important reason, you can request such an interruption of the deadline, stating the reasons and explaining that you will try to submit the required documents as soon as possible.

Therefore, do not worry if on the day of the appointment to submit the documents for the residence visa you are missing some or other documents, not all, not most, but perhaps some. You will be given a deadline to submit them.

It may also happen that some documents are wrong or have a mistake, in which case you should be given 10 working days to submit the document in good or correct condition, as in the rest of the cases.

We hope that this information about visa appointments has been of great help to you and we are at your disposal to help and advise you in any way we can.

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