All the requirements to obtain the non-profit residence visa in Spain

We tell you all the necessary requirements for the non-profit residence visa.

Find out all the necessary requirements to successfully obtain the non-profit residence visa in Spain.

1. Main requirements

In the following, we are going to mention one by one the requirements necessary to successfully apply for a non-profit residence visa in Spain.

One of the main requirements, which is an important detail, is that we must apply for the residence visa from the country in which we are currently residing; we must not apply for the residence visa from the country of which we are a national, but from the country where we are residing.

Another essential requirement is to present a certificate of freedom from contagious diseases in accordance with the international regulations of 2005.

In addition, it is also important to present a certificate stating that you do not have a criminal record and that you own or rent a property in Spain.

Another important requirement is to have a specific medical insurance, this medical insurance must be with a Spanish company and must cover any medical consultation without having to make an additional payment for such consultation, we are talking about a medical insurance without co-payment.  

2. Necessary financial means

A very important aspect when applying for a residence visa, are the economic means, if we have shares in companies we must present the annual profit of the last three years, and we must provide both a certificate of commercial registration and a deed of incorporation in which the shares we have are seen.

In case we are managers of a company, we need to make a power of attorney to be granted to a person residing in the country where the company is located so that he/she can represent you while you are absent. 

On the other hand, if we have immovable property such as premises that we may have rented, we will have to present the property records of such immovable property, the rental contracts, the tax payments for such rental contracts, etc. 

Regarding bank accounts, we will also have to present the certificates of ownership and balance of the bank accounts that we have and the movements in these accounts during the last six months, these certificates can be presented from our country of origin, as long as this country allows the money to leave the country. 

non-profit residence visa Spain

3. Different conditions depending on the country

In the case of Morocco, it is permitted to take sums of money out of the country to Spain, and this money is considered valid when presenting the sums of money that we have in Morocco as economic means.      

However, in the case of countries such as Algeria or Iraq, such financial means, such as an amount of money in a bank account, must be outside these countries, as both Algeria and Iraq, as well as other countries, do not allow the money to leave the country.  

4. Other requirements and particularities

Regarding the rest of the requirements, they are usually the same for all countries, although it is advisable to have had a Schengen visa, to know a little about the destination country, which in this case is Spain, etc., in order to obtain a residence visa.   

You may be asked for a letter of motivation where you have to explain the reasons why you want to come to Spain, this is requested in some consulates such as the consulate of Algiers, in Algeria.  

It may also be the case that they want to conduct an interview, a fact that usually occurs in some consulates, such as the consulate in Cairo, Egypt.  

Therefore, we can see that there are particularities in each of the Spanish consulates, where each one acts in a slightly different way to the others, although the documentation to be presented is usually the same in all consulates, but we must take into account these particularities of each consulate. 

Other minor requirements would be the payment of the fees, filling out the visa application, as well as filling out other applications and fees, but we normally take care of filling out and paying these applications and fees, so you do not have to worry about it.   

We hope this information has been of help to you and we are at your disposal for any queries you may have.   

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