Find out the type of health insurance required for a residence visa in Spain

You need to have a specific medical insurance to get a residence visa.

To have a residence visa in Spain you need a specific type of medical insurance and we will tell you below what medical insurance you need.

1. Medical insurance for temporary residence

We are going to talk about the medical insurance required to obtain a residence visa for Spain.

This medical insurance must in every case be a medical insurance without co-payment, that is to say, a medical insurance that covers any medical appointment, any surgical intervention, medical assistance, etc. and that does not entail any economic consideration.

Therefore, the health insurance must have all the services included in the fee to be paid, without any co-payment for any specific service.

It is very important to bear in mind that the medical insurance must be from a Spanish insurance company and that it must cover the same services as the Spanish public health system.

This medical insurance must be taken out for the duration of your temporary residence in Spain.

2. Medical insurance for permanent residence

On the other hand, once we have been residing in Spain for 5 years and we are granted the visa for permanent residence in Spain, it is no longer necessary to have this health insurance and we can change our insurance or cancel our insurance if we wish to do so.

This means that it is compulsory to have a medical insurance policy with no co-payment while we have temporary residence in Spain, but it is not necessary to have such insurance policy once we have permanent residence in Spain.

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