What can I do if I have been refused a residence visa for Spain?

Find out what options you have if you have been refused a visa for Spain

We tell you what you can do if you have been refused a residence visa for Spain and the different options available.

1. Situation where the refusal is right

What should we do if I have been refused a residence visa for Spain?

To begin with, we must analyse the reasons for the refusal to find out whether or not they are right to refuse us the residence visa.

If they are right, we must re-apply for the residence visa with the respective documents, there is no other option in this case.

2. Situation where the refusal is not justified

In the event that they are not right, we will have to file an appeal against the refusal, the name of this appeal is appeal for reconsideration and it allows us to present allegations.

Therefore, with this appeal for reconsideration, we can argue whatever we consider appropriate so that they can study our file again and take our application into consideration.

However, if in 30 days there is no response from the administration, the application is again denied by administrative silence, in which case there is only one option left to try to obtain the residence visa and that option would be to go to the courts of justice.

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