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Get the Residence Permit Card Resident permanent Spain

Residence Permit .org consists of Spanish professionals with many years of experience in the process of immigration, specialized in obtaining the residence permit to live, creating business or studies in Europe and Spain, and has clients that are satisfied for earning them a residence permit, in all parts of the world.

We frequently travel to different countries to process files.

Our greatest achievement is the satisfaction of our customers and not only obtain residence permits, but can renew until he became permanent resident permits for them and for every family and over the years to obtain Spanish nationality.

The records transacted residence permits, have a near-100% success



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Through our specialized professional services you can:

Access the Spanish permit and European non-profit residence, which allows you and your family live in Europe without working.
Thus preventing timeouts and restrictions of visa applications, also acquiring different rights within the European Union.
Student residence permit, for you or your children can be professionally trained in Europe, and to expand their knowledge, and build a future. In Spain you can enroll in universities and research centers, in Spanish or English and then modify the residence permit as a student for one as a worker, self-employed or non-profit.
Access the European Residence Permit to reside you and your family, company or establishing business in Europe through Spain.
Information and Counseling, with proper training, to work in Europe for businesses and government agencies of different countries of the European Union.