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Get the Residence Permit Card Resident permanent Spain, is formed by spanish professionals with many years of experience in immigration procedures, get the Residence Permit to live, create a business or studies, in Europe and Spain and has costumers in all parts of the world.

We moved to anywhere in the world to process files.

Our greatest achievement is the satisfaction of our costumers.

The dossiers that we process has a near 100% success.



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Through our specialized professional services you can in Residence Permit .org:

Access the european and spanish residence permit nonprofit, which allows you and your family live in Europe but not work. This avoiding waiting times and restrictions on visa applications, acquired also other rights within the European Union.
The authorization to stay for study for you or your children can be professionally trained in Europe and to expand their knowledge, and build a future. In Spain you can enroll in universities and research centers, in Spanish or English.
Access the residence permit of self-employment (EU Blue Card) to live you and your family, establishing your company or business in Europe through Spain.
Information and advice for those who are adequately trained to work in Europe for businesses and government agencies in different countries of the European Union.

Get the Residence Permit Card Resident permanent Spain